Monday, February 11, 2013

What I Don't Want To Forget...

How he calls his T-Rex "Baby."
"Baby" tucked nicely in a blankie in my bed...
The contents of my bed any given day...sharkie, Thomas, Luke, Baby, blankie, CatFancy (he loves cats and calls that magazine his Catbook) and a veggie straw...nibbled, not eaten!
How he gives a sweet, shy little smile and starts bopping his head around when TobyMac or Newsboys or Building 429 comes on the radio.

How he says, "Wheeeee!" with a precious little smile when I bust him playing in the water in the if to let me know how much fun he's having so I'll let him continue.

How he carries that stool around like it's a 2-ton boulder...the drama!  Yet, he lugs it everywhere.

Looking for the next light switch to turn on.  And off.  And on.  And off.  And on.  And off.
How he purposely goes to his crib to pull his boppy out, knowing full well I'm going to say, "Oh, you stinker...boppies are for night-nights!" and he giggles and runs away waiting for me to chase him.

How he goes, "Wheeeee!" as we barely go up or down small hills/curves in the road.

How he loves to read his Jesus book (The Story) because the story of the Good Samaritan has a donkey illustration and he loves to say, "Hee haw!  Hee haw!"

How he says, "Of course!" at the most random times.

How he cuddles with me when watching "Me" Mouse.

How he wants me to trace his hand or make his footprint every.single.time we are coloring or playing with paint.
Mad because I took his picture for daddy away!
How he loves splashing in puddles.

How he says, "Nein, nein, Dixie!" because Dixie licks him incessantly.

How he is so silly...such a ham...wants to make us laugh being silly.

How he knows EXACTLY which Thomas train he wants...and he's very purposeful in finding it.  "I find it."

How he goes, "Hmmmmmmmm???????" when I tell him to pick out books to if he's making the most important decision ever!

How even when he's sick and at the doctor, he says, "Uh-huh!" so sweetly when I ask him if he's ok.  Such a trooper.
All smiles at the doctors! Sounds a mess; smiles like the sunshine!

How I find money in his diaper all the time because he will put any coin he finds down his shirt (his 'ocket') and it lands in his diaper.  It's like going to the bank every diaper change!

How much he loves trains.  And dinosaurs.  And construction vehicles.  Equally and ferociously!

How cute I thought it was when he drew on the wall for the first time.  With blue chalk.  And then sweetly cleaned it up for mommy.

It won't be as cute if it is a habit that continues...but I loved this...his exploration and independence.  I love it!
How he loves coming in my room and hanging in my bed, eating chips.  Yes, bad habit.  I know.  I don't care.
Living the life...

How when I told him we didn't have any 'donees' left, he said, "Tor.  Donee Tor." (Donee store.)  That boy is too much.

There is so much I do not want to forget.  Little things that I think, "I MUST WRITE THAT DOWN!" and though I am daily keeping track of the little things I fear I'll forget, there are too many.  Too many perfect, normal little moments that make my heart soar.

I am just beyond grateful for him.  


  1. Gah! So stinkin' cute!!! Must. Do. This.

  2. He is beautiful. And such a big boy now.

  3. Love this! You've inspired to do this for myself. Getting work on that today! :)

  4. LOVE this. SO sweet. Happy Vday to you and your little Valentine!!! XOXO, J

  5. Beautiful! I am always worried I will forget the little things that my little guy does! Can't believe how big he (your little one) is!

  6. Love love love love!
    Especially the calendar of memories!

    My heart is full after reading this post!

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