Tuesday, December 20, 2011

I get it...

My husband loves his mother.

Really. I've always thought that to be a good quality, as you can really tell a lot about the way a man will treat and love his wife by how he loves and treats his mother.

My husband has always loved his mother and I think treats her well, and he does the same with me.

And frankly, I really love her too. Not in that in-law kind of way that you have to, but in the really-glad-and-grateful-to-have-another-mother-in-my-life kind of way.

Especially since my mom is gone.

But raising Luke, and praying for his future wife someday has really taught me a lot about how some mothers-in-law can get 'those' reputations.

You know, the ones that won't let go of their little boys? That insist that their boys put them first, even before their wives? Those mothers-in-law.

I get it. I don't agree with it, and I certainly hope that I am not one of those one day (and please know that my sweet mother-in-law is NOT that way either...she's wonderful!), but I get it.

Because I don't want to ever let him go. And I do love that he loves me so much. Cries for me. Wants me to get him when he is unhappy or sad or whatever. Lights up when he sees "Mama!" I love, love, love that I am his best girl. I want that forever, ha ha!

Yes, I know how 'those' mothers-in-law can be created, and I get it. I get it.


  1. I totally get it, too!

    I joke with my hubby about telling Cooper that no other woman will ever love him like I do. I literally put my life on the line and gave up my uterus to get him here! Although, I would NEVER put that kind of emotion on him,it's tempting, lol...

  2. Oh I get it too! Totally and 100% do!!!!

  3. Cute. I LOVE being the one who makes Anders happy! (Along with his daddy, of course.)

    And I LOVE that you write - correctly - motherS-in-law. I'd expect nothing less from you, but the fact that I noticed says something for how often it's missed! ;)

  4. I get it! I really do, and sometimes it takes time for a mother in-law to accept that she is not the only women in her son's life. It took a few years before I became close with my mother in-law. But she sees how much I love my husband and truly only want the best for him! It takes time, I get that. Some relationships take work, others are natural. I get that!
    Love this blog post!

  5. Even though I don't have a boy (yet?) I get it b/c I know how much I love my girls. Let's hope though that none of us get like that!

  6. Yup! I wrote something similar on my blog when Connor turned 1. I totally get how "evil" mother-in-laws are made :). It has actually surprised me.

    Similarly, Kate has taught John how overprotective fathers are made. No man will ever be good enough for her. She won't be given permission to date until she is 35 or so :).

    When we dreamed of having children, we always joked about him getting "his boy" and me getting "my girl". Little did we know that when that dream came to fruition, the little boy would belong to me and the little girl would belong to him. At least for the first few years (since I'm well aware that our relationships will evolve over the next 18 years).

  7. I hear you and tell my LM regularly "You can flirt with other girls but always promise you'll come back to Mama!" :) he is a cutie! and i am so sure that he lights up your heart, mind, soul, and life and room when you walk in and he shines his smile on you!!
    ps: how great is it that you have such a loving and supportive mother in law? :)