Saturday, November 12, 2011

Keeping Up With Luke....'s near impossible these days.

For starters, he is growing way, way, way too quickly for his mama's comfort. Wasn't I just at the hospital? Weren't you all just texting me your numbers so I could text you pictures when he was born?

How did he turn into this unbelievably inquisitive little boy? He's always sort of just sat back and taken everything in...but he really is putting that to use now that he is mobile. He investigates EVERY.THING. Gotta find out how it works...what makes it tick....he's just so interested in the mechanics of everything.

Definitely his daddy's boy because mama couldn't care long as stuff works, right?!

He is very mobile. Still doesn't crawl much but cruises around and tries to stand everywhere. He's standing on his own for a couple seconds lots more and I really think he'll just sort of bypass crawling more to go to walking. At church nursery, they tell me it's just a matter of time. I think that it is funny that he STILL won't sit up fully from a laying down position. He sits up about 2/3rds of the way, reaches out like he's saying, "Alms for the poor...." and then rolls onto his knees and then to standing. Hilarious.

I'M NOT READY, though!!!! I love every single day that he grows and learns something new...but I just can't believe my baby is such a big boy now!

He's still got an amazing disposition on everything. He's had this cough and icky nose for about a week and a couple of days now and with the recovery from the flu, and two babies with RSV at church, we've been watching to be sure he's ok. I took him in on the doctor's advice, and guess what? That boy had a double ear infection and sinus infection. The doctor asked, "Hasn't he been fussy?"


"Has he been eating ok? That throat is raging red."

Yep. In fact, he tries just about EVERY.THING. He had chili the night before the doctor visit.

She said, "I tell you, that disposition is great, isn't it?"

It is...but it makes me worry because I don't want to undertreat him. Here he's had a double ear infection and sinus infection and the worst we've dealt with is a bit of sleep disruption. And by bit...I mean teeny bit. Barely anything.

He's just such a good baby. Confirmed by all his pediatricians, ha ha!

He is babbling up a storm. His official words are Mama, Daddy, Bye-bye and now "Hiiiiii!" with my inflection, which is so darned cute. He says it with this sweet little lift like I always do when I say "Hi!" to him and I just love how he picks up his words like we say them. He is still a talking fool, and I love it.

He loves his food. Seriously. The weaning has gone really fact, so well that he makes me sad that he doesn't even seem to miss nursing because he goes goo-goo, gaa-gaa for the bottle. We'll be starting formula soon, though, so we'll see what he thinks about that. He is so good about trying foods...he'll try anything now. Of course, he's super smart about taking it right back out of his mouth if he doesn't like it, but so far, some of his faves are white chicken chili, biscuits, egg rolls and dumplings! I love that I have such a good eater.

Again, got that from daddy, ha ha!

We are pretty settled in the house now and he likes his room. It's not his room at home, but he is really enjoying all his books. When he gets on the floor to play, he goes straight to the book basket, every time. His favorites are still the Mama Llama books, as well as Harry The Dirty Dog, Clifford and super-favorite, The Busy Little Squirrel. He laughs and laughs at his books, and I love that he's so into them.

THAT he gets from his Mama!

Hard to believe that we are so close to Thanksgiving...and to Matthew's second birthday. I just don't know where time has gone. I am really excited to go home for Thanksgiving. We'll be going back to church, and then after, to the cemetery as Matthew's birthday will be the Monday after Thanksgiving.

I feel like I should be planning more...or feeling more wistful. I think I pretty much feel wistful for something about Matthew every day, so maybe that's why I don't feel such a build-up right now. I have to say, we have hung Matthew's big collage in our hallway and EVERY.SINGLE.TIME we walk by it, Luke lights up with the biggest smile. I know, I know...he probably thinks he's looking at himself, as that's what he always does when he sees HIMSELF in the mirror. They still look so much alike sometimes, I have no doubt that Luke thinks it's just another mirror with an incredibly handsome baby.

But I'm just going to believe that he is as delighted as I am when he sees his big brother. And the glee in his face says, "Hey! I know you!"

What a blessing I have in both of those baby boys.

He sure does love his daddy. It's very, very reciprocated!

Of course...Mama still makes him light up too!

"Mommy....what have I said about bath pictures????"

Getting 10 month pictures was HARD! He is all over the place!

He is so happy and jolly all the time, but he also has this really serious face that he gets sometimes and I love catching! He was wondering what that hay he was sitting in was all about!

This was SUCH a joyful picture! We got to meet up with our dear friend, and mommy of a precious Baby Named Nathan. It was quite an event to get to each other, but when we did, it was wonderful! Loved meeting up and can't wait to get together again soon!


  1. Such cute and precious pics.
    Children grow fast too fast. Hoping he gets totally better soon.

    Thinking of your sweet <3 Matthew <3 & all of you w/ Thanksgiving & 2nd Birthday coming up soon.

    So nice you got to meet up with a friend. :)

  2. Don't worry too much about undertreating him. He will let you know when he has had enough not feeling well. What a super baby! Encourage the book thing. Cooper was like that. He would get quiet and I new I would find him in the bookshelf. He would have every single book pulled out and just be entralled! He literally started reading books to himself at 4 and still loves to read! His kindergarten teacher was amazed by his reading ability.
    Thinking of you and sweet Matthew with his upcoming birthday!

  3. Your joyful posts about Luke and your photos are always so delightful! And they always inspire me to get out my camera and take LOTS of pictures of my kids, so thanks!

    How very sweet that Matthew's pictures get special smiles from Luke. If only he could talk - maybe he'd tell you he does indeed know his big brother.

  4. When my daughter self-weened at 7 months (thanks to an Ob that lied to me about a birth control, I started drying up) I would pump as much as I could , which really wasn't much. She hated the taste of formula and wouldn't drink it. My pediatrician suggested I take what BM I had stored and mix it with formula. First 3 parts BM, 1 part Formula. Then once she drank that ok, switch to 2 parts Breastmilk, 2 parts formula and so on. It worked for us. I hope Luke does great with the switch.

  5. Can't wait to get a Luke hug! I hope he doesn't wiggle away! Love the pics as always!

  6. Luke is so precious and I love every pic of him! Such soulful eyes!

    I met Cass a few weeks ago myself and she's is sweet!

  7. My friend is a doc and her mode of treatment for ear infections is to let them clear up on their own (most are viral, not meds don't even work). So, there you go ... no worries! Glad he is such a rock star baby, like his momma, and always has a happy smile on that adorable face! Much love, J

  8. lori!!!! he is soooooooooo stinkin' cute!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i'm already thinking of matthew and sending you giant hugs xoxoxoxo

  9. Oh, Lori! He is just adorable!!!! So glad to read your updates, I've got a lot to catch up on, but I'm working on it.