Thursday, August 4, 2011


Yes, he is.

Just delicious.

His Uncle Shan first called him that, and it SO fits him! He is pudgy and squishy and giggly and cuddly and just delicious.

Luke-alicous indeed!

And he's SEVEN WHOLE MONTHS!!!! Today he wore a big old 7 on his chest and I could not believe it. As he sat there like such a big boy, I just couldn't believe that just yesterday, he was this itty bitty baby kitty I had to buy PREEMIE clothes for, and THOSE were big! He's a hair shy of 27 inches, so that's still in the 42ndish percentile, and he's about 16 lbs., 13 oz., which is the 23rd percentile for weight. His little head (following daddy's footsteps) is 16.75 inches, which is about the 14th percentile. These are all following the same curve he's been on for months now, so even though they are low percentiles, they are consistent with how he's been growing and if you look at him, there's no doubt that he's a pudgesicle!!!

A healthy one, at that. Still not so much as anything barely more than a sniffle since he's been born, and I'm so grateful for his health. We saw the urologist yesterday and he said that Luke's doing fine, but we should have an ultrasound every year until his kidney enlargement norms out. If it does. If it doesn't, long as there's no issue, no biggie. He did agree that any temperatures of 100.5 or higher should warrant a urine test, and again, I am just so thankful that he's been so healthy and we've not had any fevers yet. Here's hoping we don't for a long, long time!

We got to see all of my Dixon teacher friends. I have MISSED them so much!! It's such a blessing to be able to pick friendships up from just about anywhere like you haven't even missed a beat (or been separated by hundreds of miles for several years!). Luke thoroughly enjoyed being loved on by all his 'aunts' and Baby Nolen. Okay, Baby Nolen is now nearly EIGHT, and we can't call him Baby Nolen (to his face) any more, but he is a little miracle boy himself, so he'll always be Baby Nolen to me!

John brought the fish tank back and it is currently in Luke's room just because that's the biggest room in the apartment!

Luke is quite pleased with this arrangement! He gives the biggest grin imaginable when he sees those fish, and he desperately wants to get them!! Fits his ocean theme rather nicely.

He is sitting all the time now; scooting all over the place (only on his back, of course!). When he is on his tummy, he crawls....backwards. He gets very frustrated with this, so he turns over and then arches his back and inches his way every where he wants to go, with a big smile as he does.

He is eating pretty well--still only introduced a few things, but this week it was sweet potato and he LOVES it! His 'solid' diet palette now includes rice, apples, pears, avocado, banana, carrot and sweet potato. He eats the rice with something mixed each time, and he is better about carrots now. Tonight he had avocado and banana and he could NOT get enough of it! I think he may be going through a growth spurt because he is eating lots and sleeping more. Naps are anywhere from an hour to two hours, but he's easily sleeping at least 11-12 or more hours a night and still exhausted by about 7 pm. I read somewhere we should try to break the paci habit now, but I'm not really ready to give up decent sleep at night yet. I *just* started getting some, and seeing as he's only 7 months, feel like I have a few more months to go before I need to worry about it for real. I understand it's easier to take it now than later, but...can't bring myself to do it yet!

Here are some pictures from this week. He is just so much fun these full of personality and wants. Wants the phone. Wants the remote. Wants the water bottle. Wants whatever you are eating. Wants whatever his pudgy little hands can grab!!!

I may have said it before, but I felt this so strongly this heart is still broken into so many pieces over Matthew.

But each little piece is so full with Luke. I'm so grateful for his life. For both of their lives...

"I LOVE seven months!"

"Mommy cracks me up!"

Hard at work...rash cleared right up with the RIGHT creams!

"Umm, mom...are you sure you want to take a picture of me like this???"
"Oh, I look cute??? Ok, go ahead!"
Laughing at his Dixie Belle
All mommy's dear, dear friends. Who knows what Luke is seeing???
"Aunt Peggy, I need those glasses!"
"OH YUCK!!! This is rutabaga! I thought it was going to be sweet potato!!!!"

He looks like he's telling quite the story!

Aunt 'Juanita' makes me laugh!
So does "Baby" Nolen!
Luke is wondering whether Nolen has the creds to hold him!
Aunt Sheridan wanted to hold him with lots of open space!
Hanging out and gabbing!
Big boy with some hair growing in!
LOVE that tank!!!
"Seriously. I wish they'd stop putting me on my stomach."
Sitting up like a big boy!


  1. <3

    Don't stress too much over the paci, Samantha liked hers, then hated it, then liked it but as soon as she started teething, it became a chew toy, the sucking would hurt her more, so she kinda gave it up then and we never gave it back :)

  2. He sure is Luke-alicious!!! Happy 7 months, Luke!!! Enjoy your paci...Grant still is. ;)

    And...praying for you heart--Matthew is one lucky boy to have such a sweet momma.

  3. Oh Lori! He's beautiful and so loved! Happy 7 months Luke Alicious!!!!

    And I have been meaning to tell you that I would welcome some sleeping advice if you have a second or two ;) Lleyton is doing better, sleeping 5 hour stretches at night. Last night he slept for 8! Woo hoo!

    As for your longing for Matthew, my heart just aches so badly when I think of all you endure. I pray for you sweet friend, I do, as I can't even imagine. I was driving and thinking of you moving to another state and not being able to visit Matthew's spot and I just cried, I'm crying again writing this, as I just can't phathom how terribly difficult it is. Lifting you now and always.

    Much Love,

  4. I love him, he is just too cute!!!

  5. He is just absolutely beautiful!!!

  6. omg that top carseat pic had me cracking up. i can't believe he is sitting up so well. how exciting! thank you for sharing your little cutie with us. xoxo

  7. Lori He is just so picture & personality perfect! Just an absolute miracle! I just love seeing him adorn by so much love by family and friends!
    I can not beleive it has been 7 months! Happy 7 months Luke!