Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Rocking Six Months!

So this is obviously a bit late, as he officially turned 6 months on July 4, but since our pediatrician in Maryland went on vacation a few months back, our checkups have been pushed back and so six month stats didn’t happen until last week. I didn’t post then, though I wrote, and so I am just adding a bit to what I had written last week.

He was 16 lbs., 6 oz., naked. Previously he’d been weighed with a clean diaper on, so this is probably the most accurate weight. That’s the 24th percentile for weight, though you would simply not believe it looking at those chubby thighs and his adorable baby cleavage. He was 26.5 inches long, which put him in the 46th percentile, and the new pediatrician said, “Your husband must be tall and skinny.” While we prefer “Long and Lean,” I told him that John was indeed and hopefully Luke is following that profile. His head circumference was 16.5, which is onl the 14th percentile, but growing on the same curve as it has been and since John’s head is small, perfectly fine.

We saw the new pediatrician. We like the new doctor’s office a lot. Bright, clean, friendly. Miss Dr. Sheth, but Dr. Solanki was very good. Very thorough and very compassionate when discussing Matthew. In fact, I was glad they were very interested in what had happened with Matthew, though they were unfamiliar (surprise, surprise) with vasa previa. The only thing that sort of stung a bit was when the doctor started giving me the typical ‘new baby’ spiel…you know, “Don’t shake the baby, don’t have things in his crib, don’t leave him unattended.”

I very gently interrupted him and told him that if he had to tell me those things for legal reasons, I completely understood and would listen respectfully. “However,” I said to him, ”Remember, I buried my baby son.” I assured him I was not necessarily going to need to be told to not leave the baby unattended. Bless his heart, he apologized and said, “Of course.”

We quickly moved on to more about Luke. The doctor was very impressed with his body tone and strength. He was pretty surprised at how Luke can basically stand on his own, though he obviously can’t balance and wobbles. We talked about his silly back crawling and the doctor said that babies often will do that, but rarely use that as their main mode of movement like Luke does. He goes ALL.OVER.THE.PLACE on his back with his head and legs!!!

His cradle crap seems to be doing ok, though the doctor thinks he may have some yeast rash in his neck rolls and on his cheeks (teething drool related) so we have some cream for that. Still wants me to see the dermatologist just to continue to manage. In fact, as I now type this, I've determined it's worse, and not better, so the doctor said to just go to the dermatologist asap!

We also discussed how Luke’s cradle crap seems to go crazy when I have milk. Not cheese, butter, ice cream or other dairy made products, but definitely noticeable rash occurs when I drink the milk from cereal or have a glass of chocolate milk. That’s about the only straight milk I ever have, and it’s pretty obvious there is a correlation. This doctor is pretty up on allergy issues and he said we’d definitely have to watch him as he got closer to a year and we introduced milk. Most likely, we’ll have his blood drawn to see if he is allergic, but in the meantime, the doctor said that as long as it isn’t much of a big deal, not to worry too much about elimination. Like I said, I am not a big milk drinker anyway, and since other dairy doesn’t bother him, I’ll just eat different breakfast things and that should be about all I’ll have to change.

This week he took a 2 hour and 40 minute nap. I couldn’t believe it. I kept checking to see if he was breathing. I know, morbid…but still, when you’ve been where I’ve been, can’t help it! He is sleeping through the night still, for at least 10 or more hours, but I still check on him at night too...just have to make sure he's ok.

We went to the beach and he loved it at first! We sat him in the sand and he grinned and laughed. Picked up a fistful of sand and was thrilled. Until he wobbled over and got a face full of sand. Then he looked at us all like we were a bunch of jerks for letting that happen! Not a big fan of the ocean just yet, but we’ll get there!!!! It was more the startle effect, I think…and he was tired. Right after that, my sister took him and they napped together and he was much happier!

He is such a happy and sweet little boy. Everyone always asks, “Is he always that happy?” and it’s such a blessing to say, “Yes, he is!” He’s definitely starting to get more demanding in his wants, as well as grabby and determined, but that’s ok! I love every second of his little personality coming out…even the feisty!

After all, he gets it honest!!

We visited with some wonderful family this weekend in Baltimore to celebrate cousin Andi’s graduating as Nurse Extraordinaire from Hopkins. Listening to the commencement, I was just reminded of the blessing every.single.nurse and nurse tech we have come across has been to us. I hope my sweet, sweet friends in L&D at St. Mary’s know that there is not a single day I don’t think of my Matthew, and as such, think of the amazing care you gave to him every second you had him. Andi’s ceremony reminded me of how grateful I am that there is such an honorable and noble profession as nursing.

Luke had a great time with all the family—in fact, yesterday, he sort of wondered where the party was and why he wasn’t in the middle of it. He was such a good traveler, and I again am just grateful for his wonderful temperament!

Lots more going on—with one of the houses in MD, getting settled here, doctor’s visits (another visit to the dermatologist tomorrow, per the new pediatrician’s orders for this NEW rash on his body!) and an assortment of other things. This is already WAY longer than I planned anyway, so for now, I’ll end with fun pics of Luke. There are a lot, since it’s two weeks, so bear with the cuteness!!!!

It wasn't me!!!!
Napping with Auntie B at the beach!
Taste buds talk?????
Love, love, loves his cousin Andi!
She can even get him to fall asleep!
Baby Joey at cousin Andi's graduation!
He loved, loved, loved Skylar!
Watching The Duck Song on Youtube at dinner. He LOVES it!

Unsure at first about those bubbles!

First time he felt Uncle Paul's beard!
Thought these bubbles at the aquarium were COOL!
Luke is SUCH a lucky and loved little boy!! I love how all his cousins fawned over him!!!

Daddy bought Luke a penguin book at the National Aquarium. He loves it!
Luke LOVED cousin Skylar...her braces were fun!
Can't a guy get a little privacy with a pretty girl????
Oh yeah, my cousin is a babe
Wishing he got to go to the O's game with Daddy and Uncle Pat!

Luke had a great time with his Great Uncle Pat!
He also really dug his Great Uncle Paul's beard!!!!
"Will I grow a beard like that one day???"
Aunt Marilyn was so accomodating in letting him play with her hair!!!
Luke thought Aunt Marilyn was one cool chick!

I love the look on his Aunt Marilyn's face! Such love!!!

Cousin Allison has suuuuuch a comfy shoulder!

Working hard at play time! Poor boy, check out the rash...off to the dermatologist again! Life's tough being sensitive!

Cute, cute, cute, isn't he??????
I love this sweet little smile!!!


  1. I've never seen a baby with so many different animated expressions! He is just too adorable!

  2. These are just too adorable! Miss you guys so much! (I don't think I'm going to make it.)

  3. Well, if it helps matters, Lleyton is little too :) And his head circumference is small as well, but my husband has a small head. I'm trying to not get too caught up in the percentile ranges and your talking about Luke's measurements is reassuring to me.

    We are going to start physical therapy soon, as Lleyton's head is more flat on one side due to his position in utero and being breech...poor guy had no room. All should be well :)

    The photos are adorable!!! Wish you lived near us...we could have some awesome play dates :)

    BIG HUGS and hope you are recovering from the move.


  4. Lori, HONESTLY...he just keeps getting cuter and cuter by the minute!!!!

    OH...FYI...Evan is almost 2 1/2 and I STILL check on him when he naps or sleeps in longer than usual. I TOTALLY get where you are coming from! :) Even now...he is sleeping in quite long and I feel the nerves, yet know if I go in his room I'll wake him up!

    I like "long and lean" too! That is Evan! Definitely long and lean!

    I'm glad you are happy with your new doctor for Luke. I also understand what it's like to have to gently remind a doctor how you understand dangers for babies...and what it's like to have to bury a child so you are all the more cautious. I like the way you kindly mentioned this to him!

    What a blessing to get to "know" Luke through pictures and your updates! Keep them coming!

    Hugs to you all, and kisses to heaven to Matthew!

    Heather (GOL/HP)

  5. His eyes are just so expressive! Love it!