Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Be It Ever So Humble....

..there's no place like Home.

One day, I'll get there. I have a lot on my mind about that, but strangely, (surprise, surprise) don't feel like sharing it. Maybe it's "Doing" Maryland by remote, via North Carolina that is keeping stuff rumbling around in my head instead of out in words.

Maybe it's the heat.

Good GRAVY, North Carolina!! I remember, I remember!!! You are ONE * HOT * STATE!

I can't even complain about it because I am the girl who always says, "I'd take hot, hot, hot over cold any day!!"

I still would, but man! Talk about testing that theory! It is hot here. Hot and humid. Super hot and super humid. Oy. Poor boy has even started to get some heat rash just because it's so darned hot!!!

Great pool and beach weather, though, and once we get things a bit more settled, we plan to attack!

So, for now...we've moved into the apartment we are going to live in until we get into base housing, which should be November or December and it is 'home'. We thought we had done a pretty decent job of paring things down before we left Maryland. Nothing like moving into a place that is about a quarter the size of what you were living in before to let you know that you STILL own TOO.MUCH.JUNK!

Just too much...I am again in purge mode, and hope to maintain this for the rest of my life. I am so aggravated with all the stuff I have, mainly because I don't have any place to put it, but more because I just feel so gluttonous. Seriously, it really is sinful how much stuff we have.

In my defense, I've not grown since 1975 or so, so I don't really outgrow much and tend to keep things that still fit. Ha ha...that said, soooo much does not fit me any more! I've long since lost all my pregnanc(ies) weight and yet, things don't fit in the same way--especially in the stomach and hips. Redistribution--total and outright redistribution.

Wouldn't trade it for anything.

My sweet little Luke is just doing so well. He has handled this move like a champ. Seriously, he is so good. In the past two days with the movers, he's kept himself occupied in his exersaucer or playmat for nice stretches that allowed me to work, and other times, was content to be carried around in the sling. That said, I have to admit that I have had a sore back and shoulders because to quote our good friend Dave, that boy is BUILT!

He is solid. He is still only about 16-16.5 lbs, which is about the 25th-30th%tile, but he is really very dense. I love it. His weight seems like it's been pretty static here, but that's ok. There is no doubt he is good and healthy.

He has been babbling more and more...mamamamamamama still, but not as much as babababababa and still no idea that it's MAMA that he's saying.

He loves the pool. Daddy takes him every day and he giggles and loves it. I have a little fishy for sure!

The biggest and most WONDERFUL development is that he has been SLEEPING!!!!! In nice, long chunks!!! Without crying. Without me doing much of anything but just putting him to sleep bed, telling him that I love him and walking out of the room. I have read every, every, ever sleep book out there...from complete NO cry solutions to Weissbluth's total extinction/cry-it-out and books on all sorts of the spectrum in between. I'd get so frustrated because Luke just didn't seem to fit the profile of ANY baby in ANY of those books. Not sleeping terribly, by any means, but not consistently. Not napping horribly, but not like he 'should' be. Just completely his own little deal going on, which is fine, but didn't really give me much straight sleep, and more, I felt like all of his little 'naplets' were interfering with good, solid nighttime sleep.

So, the one book I hadn't read was Ferber's. I guess I figured I already knew what it was about, based on "Meet The Parents", of all things, and I assumed it was just another CIO book.

I was wrong. He's more about graduated extinction, which does sometimes involve some fussing, but not hours on end until the baby finally collapses in exhaustion. His science is sound, and frankly, though I don't want Luke to cry or be upset, I realize that babies DO cry and get upset. Sometimes (often) over nothing.

So when he's fed, dry, happy and tired...but won't go to sleep and quickly turns into unhappy and really tired, I was willing to try anything. After 'meeting' my friend Tina and talking to her about a few hard nights, but then great sleep, I figured I'd at least read the one book I hadn't read. And I tried it.

And LUKE SLEEPS! In fact, he doesn't necessarily want me to rock him until he falls asleep. I was doing that and after following some of Ferber's recommendations, Luke got to the point where he just wanted to go to sleep...have me put him in his crib and let him be! Now, I put him down, and even if he starts to cry (which sometimes happens), literally, within 15 seconds of me leaving his room, he starts playing with his paci and puts himself to sleep!

For the last WEEK, he's gone to bed, was asleep by 9 (we've been later due to the move) and I haven't gotten up to feed him until at least 7 am. Even if he wakes, he puts himself back to sleep.

And miracle of all miracles, he NAPS! Today, he took a nap for an HOUR AND THIRTEEN MINUTES. He'd have slept more, but I had to wake him to go out (go figure!) for an appointment!

I have to say it (and no, I'm not in any way compensated for it!) but I am a believer in Ferber!!

He's into everything, reaching for all sorts of stuff. Rolling around all over the floor and scooting all over the room (on his back using his head and feet, of course!) and even tries that when I am changing his diaper, which is super fun...not! His little personality comes out more and more each day and he is so much fun! Though still mellow and easy, he certainly knows what he wants and is very vocal in telling you! Not with screaming, but with lots of humming and babbling! Sometimes, with his paci, he just sounds like Pee Wee Herman giggling! He cracks us up!

Time to take advantage of his sleeping! Here are some pictures from the week!

We got to visit with Auntie Nanci and the girls!! SUPER FUN!

I love this sweet boy and my sweet friend who prayed so much for him!!!
And then her SU-WHEEET daughter!!!!

This pool robe isn't quite what I thought Mommy had in mind....

Cute...getting ready for a fun day at the beach!

Look, toes!!! Tickle them!
Always has the old foot in the air!!!!
Beach Baby!
Checking the terrain out!
One cool dude!
Like Father, Like Son....
I love, love, love these precious little feet.
I love that he loves the beach also!!!
Toes sure do taste YUMMY!


  1. LUKE -- What's not to LOVE??? I'm so glad you're settling in and that Luke is sleeping.

    Love and miss you!

  2. Oh Lori, I am glad to hear that you and Luke are getting sleep :)
    And I'm glad to hear that you are settling in.
    Ya, there is nothing like a move to realize just how much stuff one accumulates!

    I ADORE the pictures of that gorgeous little boy!!!!! You are going to be blocking the dooor from the girls!!

    Hugs to you all!!!!

    Heather (HP/GOL)

  3. i absolutely love that little man so much!!! and i haven't even met him in person!!! lol.

  4. Hooray for sleep!!! Of course, maybe now is not the time to tell you, but it'll get worse, then better, then worse, then better. We had a "worse" night last night...haha. One of my "seasoned" friends told me that this lasts until 6, when they are completely potty trained. But, like you, I've prayed for these moments--even the hard ones, so I wouldn't trade them for anything.

    You and your family are just too beautiful for love love all the pictures. Hope all gets settled soon!!!

  5. I'm so glad you are getting settled, and that Luke handled his travels well! I can relate on the heat - the heat index has been around 115 here, with crazy high humidity!

    Totally get the weight redistribution - I've also lost my weight from both pregnancies, but nothing fits me either! I recommend a closet purge every 6 months - if I haven't worn something in 6 months, it goes out the door, and that's that. Sometimes it's hard, but I've found it really is the best thing!
    Luke is sooooo adorable! Just a beautiful boy! I'm so glad he is sleeping for you better, too! Maybe I need to go get that Ferber book...

  6. Oh that Luke is so super sweet and cute! Love his beach hat! Glad you are adjusting to the move and the change. And, yay for sleep...

    Stay cool!

  7. Lori - I've been blog lazy, not posting or commenting much. But this post brought me out of hiding, LOVE LOVE LOVE those little feet, and that hat! Adorbs. ( : PS Get your fill of cute plaid now, because in a few short years, Luke will have a definite opinion on attire and if he is anything like my little guy, the wardrobe will be all monster trucks and sports jerseys. Miss those plaid hat days ... ( : Glad you are settling into life in NC.

  8. Thinking of you always. Lovin' the beach pictures of Luke, so cute.

  9. LOVE it :) Hope you and little Luke adapt to the heat soon!

  10. Your pictures of Luke are always SO adorable! Love those fat rolls.

  11. great to see you are settled in and doing well! luke is just delicious and so loved!! what a blessing that if you gonna be hot, you also have a pool and beach nearby :) enjoy all the summer fun!!!

  12. Lori- He is absolutely beautiful!!! I think about you guys all the time and when I decided to check in, I was so happy to see all these wonderful pictures!!! XOXO