Thursday, July 7, 2011

Hooray For Half-Birthdays!

Well, as America celebrated her 235th birthday on Monday, my sweet little Samuel Luke celebrated his Half-Birthday! I love that he is going to get fireworks every year 'just for him'!

Six months. Seriously? How*can*that*BE? It's too, too quick, in my opinion!

Yes, I'm sure to some, celebrating a half-birthday is silly, and that's ok. I'm old enough (and lived through enough) now to not really care about what others think of me or what I do. When you are the parent of cold-weather babies, and are anticipating birthday parties, you realize that a fun summer celebration of half- birthday might be worth a think-over.

I planned to do it for Matthew (even had the aquarium cake I'd make for his first birthday planned out) and plan to continue to do so for Luke.

Besides, can one ever have too much celebration of life? I don't think so...and I'm more than grateful to celebrate this little boy as much as I can!

As we are still nomads, I didn't do much more than some silly pictures and quickly made cupcakes, but he won't remember much anyway! The most important part was that he LOVED the teeensy bit of frosting I gave him. He is a sugar FIEND!

Yeah, he is ALL about 'real food' these days...check him checking that cupcake out!


"Are they KIDDING me????????"

We went over to Aunt Pretty's and Uncle Puny's to visit and play at the pool with the cousins for the day.

That evening, we went over to Great Meadow and watched fireworks. He LOVED the fireworks, which isn't too surprising since he's always loved lights.

Poor little guy was POOPED by the time we got home, and bless his heart, he slept from midnight to almost 8 am--without me feeding him through the night. For the last few nights, he's been doing that--waking up a few times in the middle of the night, but putting himself back to sleep within a minute or two. Of course, every time he wakes up, I wake up and can't go back to sleep as easily as he does, but the point is that he is sleeping longer stretches without me feeding him and I think that's progress! KEY to this whole thing is his ability to find his pacifier...I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE and LOVE some more his Wubbanubs! They are soooooo great and it's so funny to watch him maneuver and get "Tank" or "Clifford" or "Froggy" back into his mouth!

He has been an AMAZING traveler! He slept for big portions of the journey from MD to NC, and when he woke up, he'd occupy himself pretty well with his carseat toys. IF he got fussy and cried, he would instantly stop when....I put on the 40s on 4 channel!!!!! He LOVES the 40s--all the brass and badda-bings, badda-booms!! What can I say? My boy's got good taste! I'm so thankful he made the move down so easily!

Today was a HUGE day for his Mama! He has always been pretty verbal, and has been babbling a good bit lately, but today, it was "Mamamamamamamamamamama!" Now I realize he probably has no idea that he's saying my name, but it's only a matter of time, I think! So, so, so sweet...John watched him for an hour tonight while I was doing something and he said the whole time, he just babbled "Mamamamamamamamama" and then fell asleep toward the end of the hour! He makes my heart melt!

We go to the new pediatrician next week and we'll get a growth check up. Let's suffice it to say that whenever people meet Luke, they use words like, "Healthy Boy!" and "Solid!" and "Dense" and "Chunky Monkey!" and "Chubbers!" and all those words make me laugh! Who'd have thunk that Baby Kitty would be such a Pudgesicle? I love it!

I have lots more on my mind these days, but want to post this because it's important I remember MAMA happened TODAY! I hope when we get a bit more settled (as I type from a hotel) that I'll be able to write more. Lots and lots rumbling around in the old noggin!

Here are pics from this week. Honestly, isn't he just too cute????


  1. He is just so stinking cute!! Hes such a pretty boy, like his mama!

  2. I love the half birthday idea! I think it is wonderful to celebrate like that! Amelia loved the fireworks also. He is so stinkin adorable!

  3. As it falls around Memorial Day each year, when I was little, I thought my birthday was a national holiday! (No fireworks, though, just a three-day weekend and a new load of sand for the sandbox.)

    Luke is too beautiful, as is his mama!

  4. Sweet, sweet, sweet! Where is the time going??? Our sweet boy is now 10 weeks and I'm soaking him up...all of him. I don't blog much, which is sad, but there just hasn't been time. Maybe I'll get caught up this weekend. I live for weekends ;)

    Lots of love to you sweet friend

  5. Beautiful boy! I'm amazed at your photography skills, and can't wait to hear his 6 month stats! Liam is getting in late this time - not until the 18th!

  6. I think this was my favorite batch of pictures yet! The one with the tiny hat...oh Lori, you had me rolling with that caption! And not sure who the girl was in one of the pictures, but she had the same expression as Luke and that was pure hilarity!

  7. I don't know that I've ever seen a more animated baby! He is just such a doll! Oh, and I think celebrating half birthdays is fantastic!

  8. I LOVE the picture with that small hat on him! lol Hearing the word "mama" the first time, is a moment you never forget!

    Yes, he is too cute! :)