Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Do I Have To Stop Counting Weeks?

I hope not...he sounds so much littler when I answer "12 weeks, today" versus "3 months" and I just DON'T want him to get any bigger!!!

Well, of course I do, but I just hate how fast time is going by and how big he is getting...I just cannot believe that it has been 12 weeks!!!! We had to run all over the place in Annapolis today and it just seemed like YESTERDAY.

Little Luke...mommy wants you to grow up to be a strong, healthy man of God...just not so quickly!

He hit 11 pounds this week! About an hour ago, he weighed in at 11 lbs., 4.5 oz. He is really chugging along on the growth curves and definitely moving more 'up' than curving, so I guess he really is taking after his Granddad! People see him and say, "He's so little!" I laugh and tell them, "This is big!!!!" It really is--we brought him home at 5 lbs., 10 oz. and so he's almost double his birth weight! He's a good boy and a good eater and even getting some more pudge. I love it!

We had to see the pediatric dermatologist today. The cradle crap is just AWFUL and I couldn't take "Just use cortisone two times a day" any more without seeing a specialist to give me more direction. There was a miraculous cancellation in Annapolis (otherwise, we'd have waited until the beginning of June!) so we took it today! The doctor was really nice, and more, told me she was a mom of a 3 year-old and 11 month-old so she could feel my pain! She told me that his case was definitely a more significant than typical case of seborrheic dermatitis (cradle crap!) and this didn't surprise me since he DOES come from a line of overachievers! In all things, we tend to go to the extreme, don't we.

Sigh. Wish it wasn't that way all the time.

Anyway, she said the cream was fine to use longer-term if needed, just use it as needed and to come back in a month so she could check it out. She said she wasn't convinced there wasn't some eczema because of the profound body involvement but we'd have to wait until he gets older and the cradle crap clears a bit more. She also said she bet I was frustrated because so many people think that cradle cap is just a little bit of dandruff and I've been just an overprotective, neurotic mom and it was obvious that this wasn't your typical "just rub some oil on his head" case. I loved her saying that because as we all know, I always walk the fine line of being judged for being too concerned and hovering--so it was nice to hear validation that this was something serious enough to actually warrant a dermatologist. Not that I really wondered, but it's nice to be validated regardless.

But...it's not serious enough to worry about anything other than managing it, so I am grateful!

We couldn't go to Annapolis without visiting our cheerleaders, so we stopped by Shady Grove to visit with Dr. K and Jackie and staff...I cried as I walked up to the door. It was actually pretty overwhelming, and that surprised me.

Then again, nothing surprises me anymore.

They gushed and gushed over Luke and honestly, I just couldn't be more thankful and grateful for such wonderful and compassionate people.

We then headed over to our Dr. Sweeney to bring some goodies and say hello to them as well. Luke has his fan club there, and honestly, there really is just no price to put on the amazing team of people that have surrounded us as we've brought Matthew and Luke into this world. One day, maybe Luke will be able to understand just how amazingly he's been loved. I pray so.

Dr. Sheth upped Luke's Zantac again. We just didn't think it was cutting it and he agreed that now that he is 2 pounds heavier, we needed to up the dose. He also said that if we continued to see somewhat so-so effects from the Zantac, we could go to Prevacid...he just tries to go there as last ditch because it is 30 times more potent than Zantac. I appreciate that Dr. Sheth is conservative but takes things seriously at the same time. I HATE that we are going to have to find another pediatrician in Jacksonville.

Actually, I hate that we are going to be back in the 'real world'. By this, I mean the world where no one knows where we've been and what drives us now...I feel like we live in this cocoon here in Maryland--we are surrounded by so, so, so many people who love us and pray for us and look out for us--and when we speak or act, there's no surprise at what motivates our words or actions.

Though we lived in NC for years (and loved it!), I feel sort of like to some degree, we are losing a huge support system and have to start over.

And then I check Facebook and see all sorts of posts from all my New River friends...parents, students, friends still there---and am excited for the reunions!

Luke is more and more smiley and giggly. He can easily go 4-5 hours a night without eating, but he is such a light sleeper, he wakes up at least once an hour (and me in the process). He quickly settles and goes back to sleep--doesn't even really cry unless it's the feeding wakeup--but straight sleep is hard to come by. I have been swaddling for naps, but not at night because for some reason, he'll go to sleep unswaddled at night but not for naps...or not easily at least. His startle reflex is still just SO sensitive...I think we'll be in business when that gets more under control! As it stands now, his 'stretches' are 3-5 hours, but 'we' wake up every hour, if only for a minute or two. I know, I know...may be time to transition to his own room in that case, but seeing as we are leaving in 2 and a half months and will need to start all over, I'm hesitant to do that. Not to mention that who knows how long we'll be in something temporary while we wait for Base Housing (the wait is 3-8 months...SO NOT having fun trying to find a place to live for that time!) and he'll have to be in his pack and play anyway, so why start the crib, then take it away again?

Not to mention, I love having him near me. I hate it when he's not near.

I love him so much.

Here are some pictures from the week...not as many as I'd like because Blogger is giving me a Bad Error Request message. I HATE uploading pictures on blogger. HATE it.

I'm part giraffe????????


Daddy's going to buy me a plane? AWESOME!

Dixie keeps a close eye on her boy!

"I'm so over these pictures!"

Bundled up for church!

Okay, see...he does cry. I always tell everyone he doesn't cry, and it's because really, he doesn't. But, every now and then, we'll see some disappointment! I feel bad for him because half the time he cries, we laugh because it's so unusual and funny! What a blessing, huh? We can laugh when our little one cries because it's SO rare...seriously, he is just such an amazing blessing!

"I hate these socks!" But seriously, how cute is his outfit????

"Why won't anyone take me seriously?????"


  1. Hey woman! MAMA has a big boy! Growing so good little LUKE, keep it up. . .just don't let mama feel like it is too fast. . . we mama's just want to keep you snuggly and sweet and small ~ it is just our nature.

    Happy to see your smiling face!

  2. We still laugh when our son cries--unless he is in real pain of course--because it's just so darn cute! Great job on the weight gain, Luke!

  3. I am so sorry you are having to deal with a "heavy case of cradle cap". That has got to be such a pain. I hope the stuff works for little man.

    I swear, it feels like yesterday Sadiekins was THREE months old. TEARS. She is 6.5 months old, where the heck has time gone? :( OUT THE WINDOW I tell you. I feel the same way as you do. When people ask her age, I cringe. One commented the other day, suggesting 4 months, I WISH. Yet again, tho I do love her this stage too because I see more of her personality and she is always doing something new and cute. But I do wish for the little ness back and newborn stage again, YES even with the lack of sleep I had then, I want it all back.

    Your family is beautiful. I just read your sweet Matthew's birth story. I am so terribly sorry. You have such handsome little boys and I send big hugs and thoughts your way today and always. xoxo

  4. Luke is soooooooooooo cute! And good job on the growing front! :)

    Time is moving by too quickly. Just yesterday, I looked at Grant and asked him what he's done with my teeny tiny baby! But I am LOVING 4 months--he is SO much fun!!!

    Although we've never met in person, it makes me sad that you're leaving this area. Isn't that weird???

  5. He is getting so big! He looks so huge on his play mat. :)

    and you are soooo lucky that he doesn't really cry!! Liam has an extremely sweet temperament, but he can still get very fussy. He never cries at night, but when he gets overtired during the day....it's very hard to settle him!!

    Anyway, I know the move will be bittersweet for you, but you are such an awesome person, I know you will adapt and meet a wonderfully new support group!

  6. Luke has some of the cutest clothes! He is a very handsome little fella!

  7. Lori,
    I know I say this everytime I comment, but he could NOT be any cuter! Oh my! So precious!

  8. If it helps, we used "baby don't cry" shampoo by Paul Mitchell and it really helped with Joshua's cradle cap.

    Your little man is so adorable even when he doesn't look happy!

  9. You express what I'm thinking and feeling so much better than I do. Thanks for sharing. Glad Luke is doing so well, and he takes great photos :)