Monday, February 21, 2011

Threads of Hope, Pieces of Joy Study

When Matthew died, I was lost. Just lost.

I was alone, even though there were literally hundreds of people emailing and calling and sending cards and basically offering to me (and John) anything we could possibly think of needing.

I felt like it was John and me...we were the only ones in the world who knew what losing Matthew felt like.

We were.

But we weren't the only parents who had ever lost a baby. Sadly, in a few minutes of searching on the computer, I found out that there were SO MANY babies who left their parents far too soon. More specifically, there were several mothers who wrote about and shared their experiences and I can not express how grateful for that openness I was.

I wasn't alone any more. There were others who shared similar experiences and were asking the same questions and feeling the same things I was. I found some of them on a wonderful website called Hannah's Prayer. This is a Christian site for infertility, but as so many of us who have suffered infertility know, pregnancy loss is often part of the road traveled. On this site, I came across Heather...and was SO grateful for her blog and her story and just her ability to share and to support. She and Julie were putting together an amazing outreach program through Grieve Out Loud, and I joined their team--looking for support and to be supportive. What a blessing that has been! I also came across, through Heather, Katy and all she does In Hannah's Honor. Again, such a blessing of resources from those women--mainly in the blogs and stories of others who I could relate to and who related to me.

And then...I became part of the Anchored By Hope Bible studies...The Threads of Hope, Pieces of Joy study that was specifically designed for pregnancy loss. Each week, I'd do the study questions and scriptures and then share with several other women every Sunday night.

I can't explain how the fellowship and support of this Bible study helped me through so many, many rough days. I had to ask and answer questions I didn't necessarily want to, and I was able to hear the heartache and healing of others as we all processed the "New Normals" we were living. I got so much out of the study, I took it again right after the first one was over...I just needed to continue to be supported in my questions and thoughts, as well as the fellowship that comes from being in a group of those who TRULY get it.

I know the answers and insights and support from those women and those sessions truly were what enabled me to come to a place where I could function every day with hope...hope for reuniting with Matthew, hope for being able to smile again one day and really mean it, hope for the joy of another child...just hope. It is a very aptly named ministry. More, it reminded me that even in those very days that I felt alone....I wasn't.

I am honored to be able to lead the spring study, which will start on March 6, 2011. If you are interested, or know someone who may be, please have them go to the Anchored By Hope page and fill out the information to join. There are only a few spaces left, but there will be another study in the summer as well if this one fills up. One can participate with a phone or video through Skype. The sessions will be on Sunday evenings, from 6-8 EST.

I have to say, I am just grateful for the opportunity, and grateful for the amazing blessings this ministry provides. As ever, just grateful.


  1. I did the Threads of Hope Study (minus the last chapter I have yet to do). It was very helpful and I am grateful that I came across it & was introduced to it through the blogging world. This has definitely been a great support through my journey. Think of you often *hugs*

  2. I was thrilled to see that you were leading this this time a round. I don't think I fully realized the impact of that study and hearing all your sweet voices every week until months later (you know, the numbness of it all takes a while to 'wear off'). But that study...that connecting...was one of the things that pulled me through and guarded my heart from going down too deep in the dark, dark places. I am so grateful that you took this on to help those on different paths on the grief journey. May God richly bless you, Lori, and may God continue to bless this ministry.

    Much love...Karen

  3. I loved Hannahs Hope! I'm so glad you are going to do the study! Colby (my hubby) doesn't understand why I talk to people or want to read from others like you who have lost a child. He thinks it just stirs up the hurt. I am certain not glad we lost our babies but I am glad that God is able to use me to let others know they aren't alone and that they will survive. I cannot believe how many people have been put in my path that I could minister to in a way only a few can (thankfully!)

    Good luck as you begin yet another chapter in your healing.

  4. I am so glad you are going to be leading the study at Anchored by Hope. Love that study and reccommended it on my blog. We did the study on Walking With You last year....such a blessing.

    Praying for you and those participating...

  5. You are such a blessing to so many women! May God bless you for every minute that you give of yourself, spreading His hope.

    Thank you for all of your support on my last few posts. I'm thankful for each and every person praying for my family.

  6. You are going to be amazing!! I'm so glad we

  7. Lori, are there still spaces left in the study? If so, I would love to mention it on my blog for you (but don't want to do so if it's already full). Please let me know either way. If the spring study is already maxed out, feel free to give me a head's up when you are ready to start promoting a summer study.

  8. I know I was so glad to do the study. It was very helpful!