Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Four Weeks and A First Cold?

...I think. It may not be a cold, and just some nasal congestion but considering I saw the doctor yesterday and she told me that I had a cold (thought I'd been fighting one, had that confirmed!), it stands to reason that Luke's congestion could be the beginning of, if not middle of one. Just in time for his 4 week birthday!

He is still so good. Even when he's trying to eat and his nose is all gurgly, he's so sweet. Last night, he had a hard time sleeping (so did I!) so we were up about every hour and a half or so...trying to nurse, but more he just couldn't sleep and I think wanted to be comforted some.

John went to Amarillo on Sunday for work. He was supposed to fly out there, pick up an Osprey, deliver it to New River (NC) and then drive home--by today at the latest. Instead, he flew out there, picked up one that was to go to Miramar, thankfully was able to make it to El Paso last night and then Miramar today, but as we are basically in the middle of the "biggest snow storm this country may have ever seen", he will more than likely be 'stranded' in San Diego until the airlines are back in business.

I'm guessing tomorrow at best, more likely Thursday. Grandma came out on Sunday afternoon so that I didn't have to take Luke to the doctor with me yesterday and she is hoping to get back tomorrow as well.

I hate winter. I have never been a fan and still am not. I like one nice snow where everyone (by everyone, I mean John) is tucked home and we can have a family movie day with some cute snow pictures for posterity.

Other than that, I have no use for winter.

I don't know where four weeks have gone. We are still working on feeding. I weigh him before and after feedings, and he seems to be taking in a good amount each time but his overall weight doesn't seem to be picking up too much. He is slowly gaining, has lots of good and poopy/wet diapers and again, I don't know what I'd do much differently if the doctor isn't happy on Friday. We gave him a bottle (with breastmilk) on Friday because we have a dinner that we'll be going to next week and the lactation lady said to introduce about a week before so Grandma will be able to give him a bottle that night. John gave it to him and he had no issue at all. In fact, he sort of seemed surprised that this 'paci' had milk in it! His eyes got big and round and he didn't even blink an eye over me being right there.

The baby bird dropper to supplement feedings got old. Fast. He just doesn't want to keep eating after about 5 or so minutes...so, getting him to take the extra feeding in the dropper was not working for us anymore and I now give him about 5 extra ounces (about 2 feedings!) over the course of the day in the bottle. I am feeding him every 3 hours, pumping 8-10 times a day...giving him his supplements...good grief, we are in the throes of Baby Food Boot Camp! Hoping our appointment on Friday says we've done a good job and we are able to let up a bit.

I also have to say thank GOD for nipple shields.

I have pictures from last week...I take at least one a day (if not hundreds!) but Krissy just did Luke's blog and I figured she's WAY better than our pics so here's the link...we are so blessed by her work and generosity and seriously, will plaster the walls with her work!!

That girl is some kind of talented, let me tell you!


  1. BEAUTIFUL pictures!! I cracked up at the one where he pottied on you :) I pray that everything goes well with his appointment. It sounds like you are feeding him very well... Some babies just have faster metabolisms and don't gain weight as fast as others. Luke looks fantastic and I hope the doc says the same thing!

  2. Oh Lori...the nipple shield was my BEST FRIEND for many months with Evan!!! His little mouth just couldn't get a good enough latch, and because he had to have 2 supplemented bottles I think he was used to the smaller nipple feel. So I HEAR YA about the shield!!!!!!

    We had to supplement with a preemie formula that was really high in calories. I did that for one year. And then we finally switched. But again due to his 12 weeks prematurity.

    I found Evan's weight the "scariest" issue because it was always so drilled in to my head for him to gain gain gain.
    I still freak out if I don't think he's gaining enough.
    But he is a tall, lean boy.
    And we were fortunate that he did gain text book his first year and a bit. Until 18 months were he seemed to stall, but I guess that's typical.

    Seriously...read "Child of Mine" by Ellyn Satter. Promise me you will check it out. I think I ordered mine on Amazon...or maybe one of the bookstores had it.
    But it is sooooooooo worth the read. She is a really good guide, and I think it will help put you at ease.
    It guides up until age 4 or 5 I think. But I found it especially helpful because it gave such a solid foundation in infancy that is helping me greatly now!

    Praying for you all!! And that Luke's appt goes well. And that nothing beyond a gurgly nose comes of the possible cold :)

    Heather (heathershope - HP / GOL)

  3. Lori , the photos are absolutely priceless ! You freind has a great talent indeed ! And you are very handsome models ; )
    Sounds like you are feeding Luke as much as you possibly can , I guess it takes a lot of energy to grow .I hope his dr will be happy with his weight curve .

    You little Luke is so sweet and such a miracle .
    I keep praying for you and your family for continued joy and happiness . Love Angie

  4. I LOVE the picture of you, John, Luke and Sam and Dixie. Precious! And impressive that you are all looking at the camera :).

    I hope John makes it home tomorrow.

    Miss you!

  5. just blog hopping and came across your beautiful little family! great story and congrats on your new lil man! we just love boys at our house :)

  6. absolutely beautiful!!!!

    hang in there with the nursing... i've had to do that too and it is exhausting BUT it will work, he WILL gain, you WILL eventually get into the groove and then it will be your favorite time of time:) (yes, i love nipple shields too:D and lansinoh cream!)

  7. OH my goodness I looked at the photos and just have tears streaming down my face. Reading your story from the perspective of someone who loves you is a new way to see it and those pictures are amazing, seriously, soo beautiful! Obviously, my favorite is of all 5 of you on the bed, will totally be copying that one! Hoping you and Luke feel better soon!! Lots of love!

  8. Oh my goodness what fabulous photos! They are amazing!!!

    Hope that Luke is feeling better soon :) I'm sure you will find your "groove", as I can imagine there is lots of trial and error going on.

    And I'm praying that John doesn't get snowed in :)

    xxx and I think of you always

  9. Lori, the pictures are so, so precious.
    Thanks you for sharing.

  10. My comment to Krissy:

    "I cannot believe how amazing these pictures are! The number one ingredient to the beauty behind each picture......... love. That's what little Samuel Luke is........ the pure love of his mommy and daddy.

    Beautiful, absolutely perfect!"

    Lori, you could definitely turn all of your pictures into wallpaper!! lol The pictures are amazing!

    I hope that Luke starts feeling better real soon. It's so hard when your child doesn't feel good. You just want to take it from them, and go through it for them.

    Take care. :)

  11. LOVE, love, love the slideshow!! He's just so tiny & adorable! Ella never was that small, lol! This makes me wish we had gotten some professional pics taken when she was a newborn. Oh well. I've only taken something like 10,000 (probably more!) pictures of her since her birth. ;) I simply cannot wait to hold that precious boy. I sent you my itinerary. Not too long now! YAY!

  12. Lori, not to alarm you, but Luke is a little young for a cold. Glad you are taking him in soon anyway. You can suction any mucus out of his nose if it seems to make feeding harder.

  13. I hope you are both feeling better soon!

    I love all the pics! She is very talented! I really like the one of you & John sitting on the bench. Just can't pick a fav of Luke, he is so cute! I had tears the whole time during the slideshow (well, and before too!).

    Riley was a teeny guy too and I fretted about his weight like you are. He's 6 now and still tiny. a whopping 42 pounds while his 2 yr old sister is closing in on 30! :)

  14. I hate the nose gurgles!
    I LOVE the pictures. So, so cute.
    Lori, I just have to say that I love reading these updates. I love picturing you with little Luke (hopefully that's not creepy). I just love it. And I'm always thinking of Matthew.

  15. The pictures are amazing. What a photogenic family!

  16. wow -- your friend is incredibly talented, but i must say, she also had GREAT MODELS!! I love love love the one of you and john's hands and wedding bands showing, holding lil luke with the blue hat on -- so just completely stinking sweet is that photo!! :) delighted for the love and happiness she captured so incredibly!!
    what a special friendship you have!

  17. ps! i hope luke feels better soon! poor baby!!

  18. I loved what "belle" said and totally agree. You will get the hang of it (nursing), and it will become your "favorite time of time". I miss those times so much now. It seems soooo long in the moment, but looking back,it went so quickly!

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