Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Fastest Week Ever!

That's what I feel like this last seven days has been...the fastest week EVER! Luke was born a week ago...and yet, is still just 39 weeks. He's doing amazingly well and we are so grateful! I was worried about possible NICU time, but we were just so blessed with good health and no NICU need from the start!

We went to the pediatrician yesterday and Luke had gained back 3 oz. since we left the hospital. He was 5 lbs., 10 oz. when we left the hospital and was 5 lbs., 13 oz. yesterday--which was only 3 days!! Needless to say, he's eating well, we think. It's hard to tell with a breast-fed baby, especially with a lazy little feeder, but he's gaining appropriately, pooping and pee-peeing appropriately, and doesn't seem to be starving so we guess all is well. As I found out after Matthew died, I'm good at producing milk, and Luke enjoys the fact that he doesn't have to work much to eat.

Slowly but surely we are working on the effort he puts forth and it's discrepancy between the amount of effort *I* put forth!

Luke is such a good baby. Really...he is SO mellow. Dr. Sweeney said if he was anything like he was in utero, he'd be feisty as hell, and yet, he's SO not! He still moves around a good bit (when he's awake!) and is SUPER strong still (John said, "No wonder you kept saying 'ouch' and telling me he was strong! He IS strong!), but other than that, he's sooooooo mellow and sweet. He hardly fusses at all--when he is getting his diaper changed or we have the nerve to dress him in warm clothes. He loves, loves, loves being swaddled and we are actually double swaddling--a receiving blanket swaddle and then one of those cheater swaddlers that are totally worth the money for just the convenience of the middle of the night, if nothing else. He's pretty easy to console, and today, found his fingers so I have a feeling this will make consoling him even easier.

He sleeps a lot. A LOT. Most of the day. And night. It's just in the day, he doesn't seem to mind his bouncer or glider (LOVE his glider! Thanks, Jen!) and for some reason, at night, he'd prefer to be held.

I'm willing to oblige. He is just so sweet.

We've been calling him Little Bit or Little Peanut because he is just so little. I don't think I've held a baby quite this little. Even friends with twins had babies that were a bit bigger than Luke is now. I love how teeny he is and how snuggly he is when I hold him. I love that my voice and my touch calm him down in a way that others sometimes can't make happen. Obviously, I just love him. He doesn't have very many clothes that fit him--which is funny since he has SO MANY clothes!! That's ok; I know he'll be grown into them soon enough so I don't want to rush a single second.

Cloth diapering is going well and John totally became a true believer yesterday at the pediatrician. Dr. S. opened the disposable diaper we had on Luke (since we were traveling, John reasoned) and there were all these gel crystals from the diaper. Gross. John has since decided that even traveling, we can make cloth work. I knew he'd come around! He DID have a big blowout today, and John said, "Are these diapers going to do this all the time?" I think the issue was that Little Bit is a LITTLE BIT and it was, for lack of more polite language, a pretty wet and juicy poopy that went right through the his little leg hole because of his little chicken legs. It went all over John, the sofa, his blanket...it was quite humorous for us both. (More for me, since he did it to his daddy and saved his mama!)

Daddy wants it to be known that Luke is very photogenic. I second that. He smiles a lot and is pretty alert--when he is awake! John is loving taking pictures all the time, and so am I. Very easy to do a picture a day, which is my goal for Luke, as well as for this year.

The dogs are adjusting well--Dixie is really sort of the guardian--letting us know the baby is crying or whatever. It's funny that SHE'S the one who is doing this! Sam is wonderful with kids, but he has no idea of what to do with baby-babies and doesn't understand why the attention is no longer on him. He is even more bull-in-the-china-shop than he normally is, so we sort of watch him carefully around the baby. He'd never intentionally hurt him, Sam's just not aware of how big and goofy he is.

I'm tired. It's a good tired, of course, but I'm tired. Mom and John are around, which gives me some opportunity to nap some during the day, but when I try to sleep, my mind races and images come flashing back to me over and over. It's a story for another day. Still figuring all the emotions that go with these days out.

Luke, Luke, Luke how you are loved!!! We just can't even begin to tell you. Birth stories and doctor visit updates and more pictures to come....


Mommy kisses me and I kiss her back!

Hello, bright-eyes!

"Am I wearing ducks????"

My mommy can't get enough of me!

On the way to the pediatrician. Am I cute or what?

I just finished eating! YUM!

Dixie is keeping watch...not sure of what to make of things!

Mommy says daddy is a baby-hog!!!


  1. You guys are SO right, he is incredibly photogenic...such a beautiful baby!!! It is so good to hear the joy in your writing! Glad to hear your cloth diapering is going well too, we also planned to cd. I have a small stash from my pregnancy with Lily, but might have to ask you for some tips down the road!
    Hope that things continue to go smoothly as you all adjust to your new routines...keep those photos coming!

  2. This is just beautiful.

    Prayers for a quick hormone readjustment, strength, and peace. And sleep. And thought reconciliation.

    Love you.

  3. I LOVE the picture with Luke in his car seat!

    The pictures that you have been taking are simply beautiful.

  4. what a beautiful little boy! Congrats! :)

  5. OH I just love it and can't wait to get to blog the same things! Luke is seriously one of the cutest tiny babies I've ever seen! I love him and wish I could come snuggle and kiss his tiny face too! Continue to enjoy every second and know y'all are in my thoughts and prayers!!!

  6. Wow what a gorgeous guy!!! So precious!!! I'm just sooo happy for you!!!

  7. I have never read a truer word, Lori your son IS so photogenic. He is literally so lovely. This post was Lovely to read and I know one we have all be waiting for :D So happy for you all. I love that he is such a good baby for you. Hope that you get so much joy out of every day (I know you will :D) love, blessings and more love to the whole Family xxxxx

  8. great lori, lovely to hear from you and so glad everything is going great. luke really is gorgeous and so very bright eyed. can't wait for the birth story and to hear ow you are recovering, sending loads of love xxx anne

  9. He is beautiful...and I agree..very photogenic, indeed! The joy shining on your face just blesses my heart this morning, beautiful Mama! Keep soaking in this precious time. What a beautiful, blessed gift sweet Luke is. Rejoicing with you!!!

  10. I love your comment about John being a baby-hog :) That was one of my favorite things about breast feeding... Everyone has to give the baby back to you at feeding time. Luke is so beautiful and is so photogenic!! I love all his pictures!!

  11. Gorgeous! I can't wait to hold him... It will remind me of Miss K who was 4 pounds 13 ounces when we took her home from the hospital (she got as small as 4 pounds 11 ounces). Sooooooooooo tiny. There is just something so wonderful about itsy bitsy babies :).

  12. Hi, just wanted to say, Luke is gorgeous. Also, for John, clothe or disposable, breast-fed baby poop does that :) I have a girl, so I can only imagine the damage a boy can do. But you can't get away from it. Breast-milk poop is just that runny. Lori- Baby looks good on you :) should get yourself a sling or something so that you never have to put him down ;)

  13. Loved hearing how well things are going! So glad you are enjoying it fully and getting rest too. Hope sleep comes easier for you in the days to follow. You will need it! Love your pictures. He is a handsome baby boy! The picture of you holding him is heart melting!

  14. Thanks for taking the time to share with us!

    I had two big dogs when my son came home, and one was rather anxious for the first few weeks. But then she became the dog who followed, loved and protected him the most.

  15. Too precious for words!!! He is a tiny squirt! I've never held one so tiny either... I must come hold him before he gets bigger!!! I miss those baby snuggled! My girlie was 6 lbs 14 oz and that was 15 days early!

  16. i think he gets his photogenic-ness from mommy:)))) and daddy sure does get GREAT photos!!!!!!! :)))



  17. Lori,

    I am tickled pink just looking at these pictures and knowing that Luke is home! He is such a beautiful baby, and you are glowing mama! I have tears in my eyes..happy tears.

    Hugs to all of you.


  18. Lori, what a beautiful boy! Enjoy your time together in the snow this week! Congratulations to you & John!

  19. I laughed and laughed ... I found so many similarities to my life in this post! Our 2nd born babies seem to really be alike. Crazy poops and all that even! Jillian was born exactly a pound smaller than Luke and left the hospital exactly a pound smaller than Luke and also gained 3 ounces after that! Ha! I swear, everytime I read a new post about him or see new pictures I hear screams of joy echoing around the world! I am so glad that this sweet boy is home with you. He is just the most miraculous piece of heaven and I am so full of joy over it. And man alive! What a gorgeous little thing ... every detail of nook of him is perfection! And he has the softest smoothest looking skin I have ever seen on a baby! Wowza! Love you much and mucher (as Jonah would say). xoxo

  20. He is just perfect. I LOVE the baby posts and pictures! And you, my dear, look amazing. :)

  21. Luke is TOTALLY photogenic! Happy things are going so well and that he is a healthy little boy. I want to cry out of excitement every time I see his pictures! XOXO

  22. Continue to savor every ounce of him! He's beyond precious, as is his Mommy :)

    As for the barage of emotions that follow, work through the layers as best you can. One day at a time honey...one foot in front of the other. Nan and I had that conversation this morning.

    Much Love

  23. My heart is just filled with joy to hear and see all of your adventures together! Love yall!

  24. Absolutely precious, Lori!!! He is amazing!
    I'm glad to hear that you are tired...because this tired is so worth it!!

    Yes, when Zac and Evan were born Zac was 2lb 5.5ou and Evan 2lb 9ou. I got to hold Evan for a few minutes 4 days after the boys were born (and the day after Zac passed away)...and it was the strangest feeling to hold someone THAT TINY!!!
    When he finally came home he was still only 37wks gestation and barely 5lbs. We had to "cheat" on his carseat because the minimum weight was 5lbs, but the NICU nurses were pros and knew how to tuck in a few towels to add for protection while travelling.

    It is wild to hold something so small...yet sooooo cuddly too!!!

    I found Luke's "blow out" story VERY funny!!!! Evan's first huge blow out was on Brett's diaper change watch...I video'ed because Brett was yelling for help and when I realized why...I was laughing so hard I could barely breathe! We were both laughing so much the tears were rolling.
    And I said "what exactly do you want me to do??" and he said "HELP ME!!"
    I just kept videoing and laughing!

    Precious memories indeed! And so so many more ahead!

    My heart overflows for you. Yet I understand what you mean by trying to process all the emotions.
    When you are still so connected to a son that you are only able to hold in your heart...even the greatest joy in the world can be confusing.
    I pray that you will find peace in the days, months and years ahead.
    And know that I understand all too well...and I am always here for you!

    I am loving all the photos! The are amazing!!!!

    Sending hugs to you all!!!
    Heather (heathershope - HP / GOL)

  25. So happy for you Lori! He looks so tiny in the bouncy seat! Oh my! And please share what the glider is that he loves! I will check back!
    p.s., can only imagine the emotions that come with your beautiful beautiful rainbow.....mine have already started...

  26. Lori,
    I love love love the pictures. He is just so so handsome. Just too adorable. I am glad that you and john are enjoying him so. and I am glad that he is doing well. Sending you all my love. I know matthew is smilling down at his handsome little brother. HUGS

  27. He is soooo beautiful!!! I can't express how happy I am for you all!!!

  28. Lori-He is breathtaking! So, so happy for ya'll! Keep the pictures coming please!!!
    MK Hucko

  29. Oh I love, love, love the pictures!! I know what you mean about him being so tiny. He was a good pound bigger than my girls and yet that is still so small. I actually LOVED that they were tiny, just like you said about Luke. And good for you for cloth diapering! I had zero desire to ever do it, but I am always impressed with people who do!

    I'm just so overjoyed for you guys!

  30. What a tiny little thing! Mine were both close to 9 lbs at birth, so I have no idea what it's like to hold such a petite bundle - nor do I know what it's like to have a mellow baby...jealous! I think Luke was just trying to send you a message to let him out, and now he's content. So glad you have an easy little guy. I can't be sure, but it looks like he has blue eyes...wonder if they'll stay that way or turn brown?

    Make sure you're in plenty of your photos...it's a common phenomenon, where Mom ends up taking a majority of the pictures and is only in a fraction of them. Happy that John is on board with CDing. We've been doing it for three years, and while my husband went along a bit begrudgingly at first, now we can't imagine using disposables except under rare circumstances. We had tons of blowouts in disposables while hardly any in cloth, so as soon as Luke starts getting more leg chub (and outgrows the oh-so-pleasant newborn #2s), it shouldn't be a problem. "Fluffy butts" make for adorable photos, too...one more reason to practice your photography.