Thursday, December 30, 2010

Slight Change Of Plans....

So....the contractions definitely kept coming!

The 'real' ones...the ones that really hurt, are pretty frequent, and make my entire stomach tighten up like it's a rock-hard medicine ball.

Until I went to bed. Then they settled down some, didn't keep me up (in fact, only remember one through the night!) and were ok this morning...until we got to our appointment and I told Dr. Sweeney about them. At first, he seemed like he wasn't worried and then I told him how many I'd been having and he looked a bit more concerned. When I told him I had a few that I was glad I had bones in my fingers (the better to bite down on when one of the contractions HURT!), he immediately said, "Let's get you hooked up and see what's going on." to another NST we went. Oh, and after that, a cervix check. UGGGGGHH....

I was SO glad that one of the 'perks' of this whole scheduled, early c-section was NO need for those checks. Have I mentioned how much they hurt?


Well, THEY HURT. first the contractions were about 8 minutes apart. Then 6. Then 3. Time to check that cervix out! I should say that they didn't hurt much more than they'd been hurting yesterday, but I do remember from Matthew some of the nurses being pretty impressed that I wasn't as uncomfortable as I should have been based on the strength and length of some of my contractions...even before medicine! I think I just have a little better tolerance than I give myself credit for sometimes. The nurse who did the exam was SO gentle...all things considered. I was about 1 cm., and 50% effaced. With Matthew, I was 1 cm. for weeks, though I never got past 50% effaced, even with 24+ hours of induced labor! We asked Dr. Sweeney what we should do--he said he'd admit me, but that Luke was doing fine, and he really felt like I just needed to REALLY take it easy--nay, bed rest--and call if anything changed. We asked if we should stay in Annapolis to be closer and he looked conflicted. He asked where we'd stay/what we'd do and when I said, "We'll just stay in a big deal!" he looked relieved and said that wasn't a bad idea!

Not to mention John didn't sleep a wink last night. He feels too far away as well. I've been in bed all afternoon, rotating sides. It helps, though the frequency is consistent, the pain isn't really and that's what they said was more important. We'll head into Annapolis no later than Saturday and hang out until Tuesday for the big birthday party. I think that will make all parties involved rest a bit easier.

Luke has been going bonkers still....definitely enjoying his last few days of stay and throwing quite the party! I can't even explain how grateful I am for every single movement. I wake up in the middle of the night and tell myself, "He's probably sleeping; it's not a big deal that he isn't moving right now," and then I'll feel a little wiggle or roll and nearly cry...I do a LOT of thanking God for those little movements through the night...and I have to say I never, ever, EVER even thought about them with Matthew. He moved SO much during the day, I just assumed he HAD to get some rest at night. He was such a good sleeper...and was pretty kind to me as well.

Not that Luke is not...but I admit, I would rather be woken up with movements. Much more reassuring to me since I am aware of all too much since Matthew died.

Still looking at Tuesday...don't think he's going to be earlier, but it's better to be close by just to be safe.

Quite the busy day!


  1. Wow! Things are progressing! I will be praying for you, Joh and sweet Luke, as he prepares to make his worldly debut. My SIL was just like you, same cervical measurements and her Chatham Luke came more quickly than anticipated :)

    Sending you love, prayers and more prayers as you journey forward to holding this miracle in your arms.


  2. Maybe he wants to be born on New Year's Day :)

    Thinking about you both! xoxo

  3. Will be praying!!! So glad Luke is giving you good movements!

  4. What an eventful day! I would probably stay at a hotel as well. We were talking about staying at one between 38-40 weeks since we have over an hour drive. I cannot believe how close you are. Looking forward to seeing Luke!!

  5. Oooh... thinking of you and lots of prayers your way!!


  6. Things are really picking up! You and your family are in my prayers as you prepare to meet Luke.

  7. sounds like a good idea moving to the hotel, keeping you in my thoughts as this decade moves into a new one here in australia, lots of love lori xxx anne

  8. Wouldn't that just be the most awesome way to ring in the new year!!!! Praying!

  9. Lori,

    I'm so happy for you and have been thinking of you so much these last few days. I will be praying for you...that Luke's birthday is everything you hope and pray it will be...and that the minute you hold him and lay eyes on him you feel nothing but peace and joy. That the guilt you wrote about in an earlier post just goes away. I understand in my own *very* limited way about the guilt you described beacuse I'm feeling it just preparing to bring a third baby home to meet the twins...and my children are both living. I contemplate how will this change our family and my relationship with them? etc. etc. I feel nothing but love and gratitude for this little one and love her so much already but still feel a bit worried about how the baby will affect my "big" kids. So, I can only imagine how you must feel knowing that Matthew will be experiencing his brother's birth from Heaven. I know my situation is COMPLETELY different than yours but it's just an example of how satan uses any foothold he possibly can to creep in, especially for us mommies. I will continue to pray that he is allowed NO FOOTHOLD in your thoughts and feelings, especially these last few days leading up to Lukes birth.
    There must have been something in the water yesterday because I started having BH contractions too but I'm only 22w5d. They were strong enough that I felt a little worried since I have a history of PTL and was already on bedrest at this point with the twins. I did go see my peri today for the first time this pregnancy and will see him every two weeks from here on out as we start talking about birth plan etc. But all was well with my cervix today so they have not been productive contractions, thank goodness.
    Anyway...can't wait to read your updates over the next few days and especially Luke's birth announcement on Tuesday. Oh Happy Day!
    Love you,

  10. sounds like you'll be having an intersting weekd before he comes! Be sure and take your own pillow though. ; )

  11. So excited for you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Have you assigned anyone to do minute-by-minute updates? I've blocked off tuesday so I can stay tuned for Luke's arrival!

  12. Praying for you guys! He's almost here. He might be a New Years baby! Isn't there some sort of prize for the first baby born on Jan 1? Maybe he's already an overachiever ;)

  13. yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! praying for you so so so much!

    shower that baby with kisses for me:D

  14. Such exciting news! Prayers for Tuesday or earlier!

  15. I hope all 3 of you will have a calm and healthy weekend.

  16. Wow, At the beginning of the post, I thought you had gone into the hospital! Don't do that girl! lol

    I am so so so excited to see your beautiful smile, holding your beautiful newborn son.

    P.S. When I see this photo of you, John and Luke, I will be picturing your sweet Matthew in the picture as well. Your family is turning into a family of four. :) I believe that Matthew will be with you as his little brother is brought into this world.

    Lots and lots of love.....

  17. I am soooo darn excited for you!!!! cannot wait for the big birthday and pictures!!!! I will be praying everything goes smoothly!!! HUGS