Friday, December 3, 2010

Luke is loved! trying to whittle my MUCH-TO-DO list down...I want to make sure that I write about the things I wanted to write about for Luke. Someone needs to tell me how to make that editing mark-through line when you type something in Blogger so I can go back and do that with my post of things I wanted to do.

I finally got some pictures from Luke's showers together...I meant to yesterday, but friends...yesterday was a hard day. My heart just hurt. It still does. In the last week or so, TWO mommies I 'know' who were in the middle of pregnancies after loss lost their precious babies. AGAIN. I came across an 18 year-old little girl who had just lost her 23 weaker 5 days ago. The OB appointment for me yesterday was just sad...two mommies learned their lives would never be the same. One whose due date was TODAY. NO REASON. My doctor was heartbroken. I was and have been heartbroken. I listened to SCC yesterday. There are many songs on his Beauty Will Rise CD that I have not been brave enough to listen to and I'm not sure why yesterday I bit the bullet and did so, but I did. Questions. His song Questions just resonated so much with me.

There's no escaping it. Whether it's through the computer or on the nightly news or in your OB's office for a relatively benign appointment...this world STINKS.SO.MUCH sometimes. I just couldn't bring myself to write about how loved we are and how blessed we are when my heart hurt so much for so many women.

And it still hurts, but right after Questions, I listened to I Will Trust You...and though I DO.NOT.GET.IT, I continue to trust. It's very hard on many days...but really, what else is there? What else is there if there is no hope in that trust?

On my darkest, darkest day, I still can't do anything but trust and believe in His Hope.

So anyway, YES....Luke is LOVED! Luke is proof that I don't understand, but am so grateful for the blessings regardless. I just cannot wait to meet him and hold him and hear him cry. I beg God nightly just to let me at least have those things...though I WANT so, so much more. I wrote about the surprise shower that my Bible Study ladies gave for me and another sweet friend due right before I am (though I think I'll beat her since I'll be scheduled!) was a total surprise and I cried and cried. Again, if you've never had a group of precious women lay their hands on you and just cover you in prayers of thanks for you and your children and your life...I'd HIGHLY suggest you find yourself a group of people who are willing to do so. It's amazing and powerful and we were just spoiled rotten that morning!!!!

Becky made this great cake!!!

Those gift baskets were OVERFLOWING!

Sweet, sweet, sweet women!!!

Lots of and remembrance...
Luke's other shower was November 20. It was seriously a gorgeous, gorgeous day. The weather was amazing and I couldn't have ordered a prettier day. It was held at Mary's Hope on Church Cove and was a neat place. It was built in the late 1880s and was just such a pretty, pretty setting and perfect place to celebrate Luke. I loved people just mingling and visiting (and eating all the yummy stuff!) and we were blessed so abundantly with so many precious things for Luke.

And Matthew.

I can't even type that without just crying my eyes out. My Matthew. I miss him so much. I don't think anyone will ever have any idea of how touched my heart was with every word written and every thoughtful gift given as they celebrated Luke and remembered Matthew. Lord knows I know how hard it is to celebrate the life of one as you try to honor the memory of another and so, so, so many did it in such a precious way. Truly, truly, truly, the day was just perfect.

As perfect as it could be with one precious boy wiggling around in my stomach loving his cake...and one precious boy in Heaven waiting to show his mommy and daddy how perfect He is.

Mary's Hope on Church Cove...just beautiful!

Sweet little Grace Anne did this for Luke behind the house!

The turret that held the cake table with some of Luke's cruise pictures!

God Heard!

One of the food tables with the awesome cupcakes!

Some pics behind the house on the water...

Yes. We take every picture very seriously.

Shelby, me and Nanci...they did such a lovely, lovely job!

Luke's nursery quilt for the gift table...

Some sweet friends! Miss seeing them all the time!

Amy made this adorable aviator hat...and the pillow in my lap is one she made and part of Luke's nursery theme!

Amy also made this wall hanging for his room. I made the hat that's on the door knob!

Cannot WAIT to take all the hat pictures!!! Cousin Andi made our newest little Hokie this adorable hat!

How awesome is this porthole picture? Shelby's friend made it to match Luke's nursery theme!

John LOVED saying, "Look!! Bear Bottom! Bear Bottom!!" According to his driver's license, he IS a grown-up...but the jury's still out!


  1. There are certainly days - and things of this world - that make us long for heaven that much more!

    Your showers look so special and I love your laugh while John is showing off the bear bottom sleeper. The nursery looks like it is going to be precious! Can't wait to see pictures.

  2. our hubby's need to meet! the jury is still out on mine too:))))

    too adorably cute and so incredibly meaningful!!!! made me smile:D

    my heart cries with these 2 women that were just added to our ranks.... sigh, Lord? when will You say , "enough"?

  3. love love love the pictures! :) so glad that you have so many people that love you!! I'm praying for you...

  4. I just LOVE all the little knit hats!! SO cute! I need to get some of those - they're great in newborn pictures!

    I'm so glad you were shown so much love. xoxoxo

  5. Praying for those mommy's with hurting hearts. It's not fair but believing in Him is all we have, at least I do.

    Your shower pictures look wonderful. You and your hubs look so cute, I love it.

    All Luke's hats are adorable!

    (HUGS)) always remembering Matthew with you.

  6. Thank you for sharing your showers with us! I agree that having a group of beloved people place their hands on you and pray over you is the most amazing and humbling experience. So glad that you were able to remember Matthew and rejoice Luke! God bless and hold you in the weeks to come!

  7. Awww, Luke is so loved!! Wonderful pictures!

  8. I am so sorry you had such a horrible day yesterday :( I will pray for the ladies you mentioned.
    Thank you for sharing the pictures from your shower!! I LOVE the theme and all the fabulous hand made gifts!! PRICELESS!! You are loved, dear friend, VERY LOVED :)

  9. I am getting some good ideas for LUKE's Painting now that I see what else is going on his walls!

  10. seriously. i can never read your blog without crying. you look so happy, lori. and, that makes me happy. xo

  11. Is that a hint at Luke's room we see?? Those colors are SO FUN, and that quilt is just beautiful. I look forward to seeing baby room pictures!

    You posted on FB about a woman complaining about her wait at the OB and wondering what kind of conversations the OB might have been having. That happened to us today...waited for two hours, but I just couldn't be upset. I'm sure I've made others wait.

    I had to mention this because what you write ALWAYS makes me think. And I am a more contemplative person because of it.

  12. What lovely showers! That last picture is a great one. Just wanted to say how very, very happy I am for you! I can't wait for the Lord to show His miracle for all of us to see!

  13. I just want to let you know that I have appreciated your honest in sharing your journey and awarded you the Cherry On Top Award on my blog ( Please, do not feel obligated in anyway to participate, I just want you to know that sharing your story is helpful to so many.

  14. The shower looks like it was amazing! I love all the hats and beautiful things that people made for Luke.

    I beg every night, too. That this baby comes to us safe and sound. These boys WILL arrive safely! They WILL! XOXO

  15. Oh the showers look like they were just wonderful!!! That turtle cake is awesome!

    My heart breaks for the mommas who have lost their little ones. It just isn't fair. I have found much comfort in SCC's CD. I listen to it all the time while I am driving. I sing and I cry. Gosh, I'm so glad that he made that CD.

  16. Wonderful pictures! I think it's safe to say the not only is Luke loved, but that he's going to be one of the most adored little boys in the world.

  17. Love the hats! Daddy looks as excited as mom. So happy for you too! Matthew is definitely smiling about this!

  18. Love the pictures!! Continue praying for you.....

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