Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Five Months Already?

How can this Itty Bitty Baby Kitty

be this big boy now????????

Seriously. How?

I just don't get it.

I feel like it was January 4th, then I blinked, and now it's JUNE! His half-birthday is less than a month away!! I love that it's July 4th--I always planned to have Half-Birthday parties for Matthew since his birthday was bound to be around Thanksgiving every year and winter birthdays are so hard to celebrate in a fun, pool-party kind of way! I plan the same with Luke, though it'll be a bit more difficult this year as we'll be plum in the middle of a move (and hopefully in a house...still remains to be seen where we'll be living)...luckily for Luke, every year, he'll get to celebrate his Half-Birthday with America, complete with hot dogs, apple pie and fireworks!

He's getting so big. Just.So.Big. He rolls over from his tummy every.single.time I put him on it, which makes tummy time even MORE difficult! He can go both directions, but seems to lean more toward rolling to his left side each time. He doesn't fuss at tummy time any more, he just props himself up, looks around, looks at me, and rolls...then looks up at me like, "Yep, how's THAT for your tummy time?"
"Catch ya' later, Tummy Time!"

He's so funny.

He is sitting up more, though still prefers to stand, so he'll arch his back as he digs his feet and then fly back. I do notice that he tries to pull himself up and out quite a bit from his car seat, so at least the brains telling him what to do in order to try and sit himself up. Working on making the muscles follow.

He's 15 lbs., 6 oz. and 25.5 inches long and though those are below average to average percentiles, he looks so darned chunky! Yes, our Pudgalicious is growing and I couldn't be happier.

His eyes definitely are no longer blue. They pretty much maintain a deep green most days, and often with hints of light brown. Who knows? Maybe another brown-eyed baby boy!

He still is having some weird nighttime issues--mainly just settling into nighttime sleep at first shot, vice taking a few times. For instance, so far tonight, he went down at 9 (out like a light) and at 9:30, up and screaming. He went right back to sleep when I went to settle him, but I'm betting we still may have one more round of that before he's out for a longer stretch. Last night was a bit better, it was only about 2 of those 20-30 minute sleeps/wakes before he was out, but for the few nights before that, in the last two weeks, sometimes he'll go to sleep for 20-30 minutes, wake and repeat 4-5 times and not be out until maybe 10:30 (a good hour and a half or more after he was 'put to bed').

There are so many things it could be...developmental milestones, teething--definitely, definitely the signs, though nothing popping through. We had lunch with our beloved Dr. Shonekan yesterday and she agreed with me that it looked like a tooth was at the surface on the bottom right toward the back...I know that's not the typical 'first tooth', but 'typical' doesn't usually describe our family, either. He could be overtired---even though he is pretty happy and jolly during the day, he's not getting super naps (still a cat napper) and just may not get enough sleep--which may only present by the end of the night. He also may be aware of all the CUH-RAZY in our house--getting ready to move does not necessarily agree with my anxiety levels!

Flirting with his "Auntie Doyin"!

Yet move we are. The movers come in less than a week. I'll spend this weekend getting things ready for Luke--things we may/may not need in the next month or so as we wait to see what our housing situation will be.

Good times.

Trying to squeeze in visits with all we can.

We had breakfast with our sweet Sarah and her little girl Olivia...Luke was playing "Hard to Get"

Olivia was persistent, though!!! She got him!

I'm running out of time, though...

That pesky time moving too fast thing again....sigh.

Here are some pics from the week:

Still a little early for baby boy!

This boy can make some faces, that's for sure! Contrary to his face, he loves his Uncle Puny!
Yeah, daddy digs me!

Visiting our brother's resting place...



  1. That last picture is beautiful. I'd frame it and hang it in your new home.

    Just beautiful. You can tell Luke's eyes are full of wonder!

  2. If any picture was worth a thousand words, that last one would be it. Wow. Tears. Smiles. Hugs.

  3. I thought I was doing really well , I actually got to your last two pictures and no tears... and then they hit... such precious pictures Lori.... Luke is so happy such a gorgeous baby boy... 5 months.... these days are just flying by !! I hope you are all well and send our love as always xxxxx

  4. love all the pictures, especially the last. <3 praying for you and your family as you make your move to NC.

  5. What a ladies man :) Love the pictures Lori. They do grow up to fast.

  6. I just love to see pics of this cutie!!!

  7. Lori - he is just deliciously cute!! The last picture is breathtaking.
    In terms of his falling asleep -- reflux?

  8. I look at my kids and think the same thing everyday. I love the picture of Luke near Matthew's marker. <3hugs<3