Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Three Months Can't Possibly Be Gone!

But, according to my calendar, yesterday, it was!!

My little Luke is 3 months old! 13 weeks, today. I was looking through pictures from when we brought him home and clothes we put on him were HUGE. Now, they are just teeny, teeny, tiny!

My friend Christy has the same bouncy for her son that we have for Luke (well, one of them--the zoo friends one is his favorite!) and I remember her telling me, "Just wait until he's big enough to turn the vibration on and off himself with his foot!"

At the time, when he was all of seven pounds soaking wet, I thought, "Yeah..I think we have a while until we get there."


He was turning it on and off like a champ last night! He's getting so big!! He weighs 11 lbs., 13 ounces, so we'll be over that 12 pound mark any day! I won't lie, I'm holding out with great hope that hitting 12 pounds will afford us some longer sleep stretches, or at least consistently that is. I am pretty sure he can do it--last night he went for 6 hours without feeding (from about 10 pm to 4 am), it's just consistently. Plus, if I am honest, I am sort of struggling with scheduling. He is really good at schedules, but it's me who isn't consistent. It's hard--I can't do much 'training' at night with John because I want him to be rested. So, if Luke even makes a peep, I pretty much do whatever I can to make sure there isn't any crying and waking John up. Which is a bummer, because I am finding with naps, he'll wake up, cry a minute or two, and just as I go to get him, he's back out again. I am SURE that is what would happen if in the middle of the night, but it's hard to test that theory when he is in my room.

So, feeling like in the best interest of all involved, we'll try to move him to his crib this weekend. I can't express how much this is breaking my heart. I know it's my job as a parent to raise a well-adjusted child with good sleep habits, but I just LOVE him so much and hate for him to be far from me. I am also not looking all that forward to the initial transfer; I know it could be a bit ugly for a tad and in that I mean more for me having to get up a more to check on him/put paci back, etc. I think I'll be bringing some blankets in his room and hanging out in the recliner for a few nights! That's actually why we'll be doing it this weekend--so John can at least help me.

Luke is getting more and more interactive. He smiles and coos a lot, and I am just waiting for that giggle or belly laugh. I feel it's coming soon! This boy has so many videos taken, but that's the one I am really looking forward to these days. He still loves his bath, likes it when we whistle or blow in his face, and is fascinated with the camera--or at least the external flash! I take pictures of him every day...hundreds and hundreds of pictures and just love my little model!

He's in 0-3 months clothing, but believe it or not, some is starting to get small for him and we may head into 3-6 soon. I'm pleased with this, but will have to shop for him as he pretty much inherited all of Matthew's things and I thought they'd just double over perfectly. Not so much...that month difference in their birth really is a big difference for clothing at least, so I have lots and lots and lots of sweet baby boy clothing, brand new, that will never get worn. At least not by my babies...Good for consigning or donating, I guess.

I'm also struggling with a schedule for the day. There are so many things that give various opinions on how much they should eat, how much they should sleep during the day/night, etc...I just don't know. I know from when we were doing Baby breast-feeding boot camp that he takes to scheduling extremely well, so I'd like to have one, but just haven't found our niche yet. I'd love, love, love any suggestions or tried and trues if anyone wanted to share. Right now, he wakes for the 'start of the day' feed anywhere between 6-8 am. He'll eat, then usually go back to sleep until anywhere between 9-10:30. He'll then eat again, and we'll hang out for a while and play. He's usually ready for a nap again between 11-12, and he'll lay there/sleep until about anywhere between 1 and 2:30. Then he'll get up, eat again, play some more and be ready to go back down by 4ish. I try to make sure he's up again at 5 to eat, and then again at 7 to squeeze in lots before bed. After he eats at 7, we give him a bath, he reads stories with daddy (he LOVES this time, and I love it for John!), dress him and he's down usually by 8:30 until about 10 when I wake him up again for a last effort to stuff him before he goes down 'for the night'. Then he wakes anywhere between 2-4 to eat and then back down again until we start all over the next day.

He still is good about going down at night...very, very, very little fussing if any at all. He goes back to sleep after the middle of the night feeding pretty well also...although last night we ate at 4 and he didn't go back to sleep until a bit after 5 and then was up again at 6:15 when daddy woke up. (That's one more reason for him to be in his bed! He'd sleep a bit more in the am!)

Anyway, I wish someone would just give me a schedule that I knew was good for him (allowed enough eating and sleeping time) and I could follow it. I'm much better at following schedules than I am creating them!

I just love this sweet boy so much. He is truly such a blessing. I don't even have the words to express how much joy he brings to my heart. If my biggest issue these days is figuring a schedule out for my pretty-much perfect baby, well...obviously, as usual, my cup runneth over.

Here are some pictures from this week..I was playing around a bit with editing...but just a bit because I have no idea of how to use software!

I love this face!!!!

Dad and his Mini-Me

The red eyebrows courtesy of "The Crap" as we are calling his cradle cap...


So, so many things going on here...and still cute as a button!!!

Mommy loves you, Luke!!!!!!!!!

Cute, no?

How YOU doin'?
Catching up to Froggy!!!!


  1. Oh my Goodness!!!! He is sooooooooo CUTE!! Every time I look at his pictures, I just melt!!! Precious, precious, prcious!!! As for the schedule, eventually they kind of fall into one. At some point, I would try and get them to one nap in the am (@ 9-11) and one in the afternoon (@ 1-3), but that is usually around 4-6 months or so. You will figure it out as I know you are doing an amazing job!!

  2. We have the same exact problem at night! I won't let her fuss at all, I don't want to wake anyone up. But when it's just her and me during naps, she goes back to sleep so easy!

  3. I can't believe he's already 3 months old!! He's so, so, so cute! I love those eyes...just stunning.

    I would offer advice, but as soon as I get Collen on a "schedule" he changes it again. So, I just follow his cue. I'm waiting for the one year mark...for some reason, I'm convinced that by then he'll (I'll) be on a more set routine.

  4. Holy monkey that kid is so cute I don't know how you ever take your eyes off of that cuteness!!!!!! I just want to smooch that sweet face! I hope you get a schedule that works for you. I obviously have no advice here, but if you hear something perfect, then please pass it on! :)

  5. The schedule you describe sounds pretty good, considering his age. Here's the deal with schedules...the only thing that is consistent is that every few months, it will change. Just when you think you've got it, he'll grow some more, learn a new skill, or drop a nap.
    I am a BIG believer in schedules. Just remember that you have to be flexible with it. By six months or so, it will stay a little more stable. Probably something like wake up at 8am, back to sleep for a morning nap at 10. Wake and eat, play, etc. Nap at 2pm or so. Bed by 8pm. The longest "consistent" schedule for me was the "two nap a day" schedule. That lasts awhile.
    Then when they drop the morning nap, things will change again! But dropping the morning nap shouldn't happen until around 18 months or so.
    YOU HAVE AN ADORABLE LITTLE BOY, and you are doing a FANTASTIC job!!! :)

  6. Oh Lori, he is just ADORABLE! I LOVE those pictures of him! I need to get myself, one day, a GOOD camera. The only good camera now I would say I have, is from my new phone, the iphone. Thats sad. Ha. I do have a video camera from Christmas but thats just not the best quality obvously. I got to get my hands on one VERY quick.

    I wish I had adivce for you on the scheduling, I am the SAME way. I just go with the flow with her and well I def follow schedules better than creating my own!

  7. Such a darling!!

    I think that a baby's schedule arises from their own body's rhythms and the environment.

    There is really no official best way to raise children. Whatever seems right to your heart is the best way to go.

  8. He is absolutely adorable!!!

    Ethan was 3 years old before he would fall asleep without assistance. That was when we got him a goldfish for his room. Each child has different needs (as does each parent). So I say just whatever works best for you and Luke is what you should do :)

  9. I hope you find something that works soon, but I havent' got any advice! One thing is for sure...that is one adorable kid!! That second picture looks like it should be in an advertisement...for cutest baby ever!

  10. We have about the same schedule going that you mentioned...its consistent enough that i just go with it for now (though we're only at 2 months so it can easily fluctuate still).
    I hate the thought of having him in a separate room, so kudos for getting to that point and i hope the recliner is kind to you :) That sweet boy obviously brings a lot of joy to your house...great pics!

  11. He is so cute!!! I just love his sweet expressions :).

    The routines are funny - they happen on their own most of the time. I do the same as Lisa, morning & afternoon naps that turn into one at about 18 mo.

  12. Lori,

    I too <3 that face! He's changed so much and is growing and growing! So sweet :)

    I think of you always and send prayers your way. I seem to be meeting myself coming and going these days as I try to get everything finished. But, all in all, if everything isn't done or perfect, its small stuff :) And this type A Mommy is just happy to have her miracle.

    Take good care of you and pass along any scheduling advice ;) Prayers always sweet friend.