Sunday, June 21, 2015

Xlear Care Xylitol Products ROCK!

Most of the time, when I do a blog review, I've usually applied to be selected to do the review, and that typically means it is a product I am interested in or would like to know more about.

So, when the Kiwi Moms Meet club put the invitation to apply for Xlear Care (Spry) products out, I JUMPED at the chance!  I already was very familiar with the gum, as it is now the only gum I will chew, and had NO idea there were so many more amazing products in their product line!

I think the most important thing to point out about Xlear Care products is that the main ingredient in the line is xylitol.  Xylitol is a naturally occurring sweetener (a sugar alcohol that is found in fruits and vegetables).  It metabolizes fewer calories than sugar and has lower on the gylcemic index, so it makes it a FABULOUS natural sweetener and alternative to junk sugar replacements. It's sweet, so even littles like it and that makes it a nice way to naturally sweeten toothpaste and other oral care products, but what I love is how it inhibits bacteria growth.  A study showed that it basically prevents the most common cavity-causing bacteria from growing, which obviously helps prevent cavities, and can even promote remineralization of tooth enamel!  The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry supports the use of xylitol to help with cavity prevention, and some pediatricians are even finding the use of oral suspension xylitol to be helpful in the prevention of ear infections in kiddos and sinus infections in adults.  (Can I get a "Hallelujah!!!"?)

I also want to be clear about xylitol-based products, as there are a lot out there...the main reason I began chewing Spry gum was because I am a habitual gum-chewer and realized that I was POISONING myself with the crap in regular/sugar-free chewing gum.  Spry became my go-to because of the ingredient, and more, the 100% GMO-FREE.  Yep---while there are many xylitol-based gums and products, Spry is GMO-Free and that's important when you are looking to replace gums/toothpastes/mints/rinses/etc., with xylitol-based products.  You may be doing yourself a favor with the xylitol over other junk sweetener, but who wants to do so with a nice little dose of GMO-based xylitol?

Not me.

I already knew I loved the gum.  LOVE the gum. Cinnamon and Spearmint are my favorites, though the peppermint that I received in the sample pack totally rocks.  In teaching Luke how to politely tell Mama that she has coffee breath (instead of, "Mama, I don't like your breath!" I suggested he say, "Mama, would you care for a mint?"), I will now get offers that go like this:  "Hey Mama, would you like a piece of Spry gum?"  Ha ha.  Yes, son, I think I would!

As you may or may not know, we've been battling some ickies lately! Luke had croup, possibly Fifth's, an icky cold and mycoplasma (walking pneumonia!).  His poor little nose was a mess for a bit and when the pediatrician asked me what I was doing for it, I pulled out the conveniently received bottle of Xlear Nasal Spray to show her.
Her exact words were, "I love xylitol!  I just read a study about using that to help with ear infection issues and I think it's a great sinus rinse! What do you think of it?"

I loved being able to tell her that it was a perfectly timed Godsend--I had no idea that there was such a thing as a xylitol nasal rinse and now? We use it daily and Luke loves it.  The boy ASKS for it over other saline solutions and I am happy, happy, happy to oblige.  There is no doubt it will be a staple in our house!

The toothpaste we got was a bit 'spicy' for Luke, but I LOVE how fresh my mouth felt and the mouthwash?  Ummmmm...awesome.  AWESOME.  It didn't have an icky aftertaste and honestly, the fresh taste lasted longer than I've had other mouthwashes allow.  I regularly use my Thieves mouthwash but have added the Spry into my regimen because I like the way my mouth feels so much!


Like I said, I am somewhat picky and choosy about what products I review because let's be honest. Who wants to have to do a review that says, "Ummm....yeah.  Thanks, but no thanks?"
Not many of us.  I of course would be honest, but it's a lot easier (and more fun!) to do reviews when I love the product, and friends--I do.

As we move more and more into a non-toxic household, and further and further away from junk in food and products we use, I am always looking for products to help us do so.  I want Luke to grow up making choices that are good for his body and his life, and the fact that my four-year-old will say, "Mama, I need a piece of gum to help clean my teeth!" after he eats a 'treat' at a birthday party makes me happy.  Of course, it's a total win that he likes the gum so much that he'll just tell me, "My teeth don't feel clean.  Maybe I should have some spearmint gum?" because I'm helping fight cavities and preventing bacteria that could cause ear or sinus infection from growing.  Glad to oblige, son!

The kit I got to review was AWESOME.  It was TONS of products and the fabulous folks at Xlear have given an amazing coupon code through the end of this month to get the package at 50% off!  Try shopping your local Wholefoods or Health store and see--that's a ROCKING deal--and one I'm going to utilize again as pretty much all these products are now staples of our house (and my purse, ha ha!).  To get all of the amazing stuff below, click on this link and utilize the coupon code SAVE50 but hurry because it expires June 30.  I'll see you over sure to save some spearmint and cinnamon for me!  In the meantime, you can check them out on their Facebook page here--they have fun giveaways and great tips for natural care!

I received this product for free from the sponsor of the Moms Meet program, May Media Group LLC, who received it directly from the manufacturer. As a Moms Meet blogger, I agree to use this product and post my opinion on my blog. My opinions do not necessarily reflect the opinions of May Media Group LLC or the manufacturer of this product. 

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